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How to unlock and use Artifact of Devotion in Risk of Rain 2

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How to unlock and use Artifact of Devotion in Risk of Rain 2

If someone had told me that I would get an army of Lemurians at my side in Risk of Rain 2, I would have never believed them. Well, I still can’t believe it, but here we are. Here is how to unlock and use the Artifact of Devotion in Risk of Rain 2.

Out of the two new Artifacts introduced in Risk of Rain 2’s newest update – the Devotion Update, which also features a new map – the Artifact of Devotion brings the most fun and is also very interesting to get. Contrary to other Artifacts, you will find the Artifact of Devotion code in one of

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tweets. The tweet in question features a code underneath a platform in Abyssal Depths that is not in the game for whatever reason – it could be a mistake or totally on purpose. The code is the following:

  • Triangle, Diamond, Triangle
  • Square, Diamond, Square,
  • Diamond, Triangle, Diamond
Image: Hopoo Games

Take note of this code and head to the Sky Meadow, which will be the fifth stage you visit in a normal run. You will need to input this code in the Compound Generator, located at the bottom of the map. Once you input it and run the Generator, a portal will open that will teleport you to the Bulwark’s Ambry, where you will have to defeat the Artifact Reliquary. After this, you will teleport back to the first stage and you will effectively unlock the Artifact of Devotion.

Using the Artifact of Devotion in Risk of Rain 2 is quite the trip. Instead of finding faulty drones that you can fix, you will find Lemurian eggs throughout your run. When you interact with them, you will be prompted to give an item to the egg. Said item will disappear from your inventory and a Lemurian companion will spawn, with the item’s effect active.

If you add more Lemurians to your party, all of them will share the same items and they will evolve into more powerful Lemurians after they survive a Teleport event. If one of your Lemurians *****, they will drop a piece of scrap with the same rarity of the item you originally gave them.

This Artifact has ended up with players having an army of Perfected Elder Lemurians that will obliterate every single ****** they face. Not even MIthrix, Risk of Rain 2’s final boss, is safe from the ****** power of the Lemurians. So, if you make it to the Shadow Meadows, input the code and enjoy your army of Lemurians. What about the other Artifact? Well, that’s a long story.

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