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Ghost of Tsushima and Elden Ring Failed Where Sekiro Succeeded, but Only by a Little

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Ghost of Tsushima and Elden Ring ******* Where Sekiro Succeeded, but Only by a Little

When several games are released with a few years of difference and have similar mechanics, or in this case, combat, there is always room for comparison among the players. The recent launch of Ghost of Tsushima on PC sparked a discussion on X about which game has the best combat system between the previously mentioned Elden Ring and Sekiro

Many users concur that FromSoftware’s 2019 game offers superior combat compared to the other titles. All the users said all of these games are good, but this particular title is the best in every way or form.

Ghost of Tsushima is being compared to these FromSoftware titles.

With great games that have similarities in combat and other features, there is always a comparison that fans make. Within the same genre, there are numerous titles that have improved certain aspects of the game, making it above average.

With the FromSoftware titles, the same thing happens: fans draw comparisons between the differences that each of these astonishingly popular games had.

Thanks to a viral video on X, a player expressed his belief that Ghost of Tsushima possesses some of the best combat mechanics in the industry’s history.


Other users quickly replied to this, saying that any other number of games had better combat; one of the most famous were Sekiro and Elden Ring, both developed by FromSoftware. This post received many replies talking about why certain games were better.

******* Punch and FromSoftware both have incredible takes on feudal Japan.

According to the users who replied to this post, the game developed by ******* Punch is up there, but Sekiro is better. One user said that this title has eye-candy combat, but the FromSoftware title and ***** of P have better combat and gameplay.


The discussion continued, mentioning how the game that lets you **** and revive two times has a better story and gameplay compared to the Sony IP.


There was also praise for the fact that while you are fighting on the ******* Punch title, if either you or the ****** make the wrong movement, it could mean that either of you could **** in an instant.

The comparison with Elden Ring was also present, but many fans said that is not the best game regarding combat developed by FromSoftware, so it is not a good example for this particular debate.

On May 16, ******* Punch launched their latest work for PC. The Director’s Cut version of the game is also available on PS5. This version of the game is available on Steam and is compatible with the DualSense controller, ultrawide resolutions, and many other features.

This game became one of the most successful launches on PC from PlayStation Studios. The strategy that Sony has been making for the last few years is working very well for the company.

Which of these games is better? Tell us in the comments below!

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