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Does Black Myth: Wukong Have New Game Plus? – Answered

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Does ****** Myth: Wukong Have New Game Plus? – Answered

If you’re like us, you probably enjoy playing through a tough-as-nails game, sitting back for a minute or two, and then diving straight into a second playthrough. But it’s better when a game offers New Game Plus. With that said, does ****** Myth: Wukong offer New Game Plus?

Yes! The studio recently confirmed that, alongside boasting a staggering number of unique enemies and bosses, ****** Myth: Wukong features New Game Plus at launch. You won’t have to wait for a content update sometime in the future to enjoy a second run with a more powerful Sun Wukong.

However, it’s unclear precisely what transfers over from your initial playthrough to a second playthrough. You’ll likely retain your skills and level if the game offers RPG-like progression, but as is common in most other New Game+ game modes, we’ll likely lose all equipment. But for now, we have to bide our time and patiently wait for additional word from the developers!

In many ways, ****** Myth: Wukong is a Soulslike. However, the studio is on record saying it’s easier than your typical Soulsborne game. As such, we’ll likely find a far more accessible yet still challenging and rewarding gameplay experience. From the combat gameplay we’ve watched, it appears fast-paced, fluid, and complex, with various boss ****** mechanics at play.

If you consider clearing enemies from a zone, then everything culminating in a challenging boss ******, then yeah, ****** Myth: Wukong is Soulslike. I think it’ll have more in common with Elden Ring, which still offered brutal gameplay, especially with its many bosses, but felt more accessible overall.

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