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Modern Warfare 3, Fans Are Left Scratching Their Heads at the Improbable Nature of It

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Modern Warfare 3, Fans Are Left Scratching Their Heads at the Improbable Nature of It

Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 are about to release a new season. The most recent trailer for this content surfaced on X, sparking controversy among the franchise’s fans due to their reactions to specific characters featured in it. 

The main character of the entire trailer, Soap MacTavish, is leaving players wondering: What is the purpose of a story if you don’t respect a character’s ending? Many other users even said that the story had no importance because it wasn’t good and it was not a proper mode.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 released the new trailer for season 4.

With every new season of Warzone, and in this case, Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty introduces variants of popular characters from the game’s main story. This also reveals future collaborations, weapons, the entire battle pass, and any other kind of new addition. The game will add this new content in the last days of May, but the latest trailer has left some fans less eager to see this new season.

Soap MacTavish is the main character that the trailer introduces.

Fans expressed dissatisfaction, particularly because the character had ***** in the past and is seemingly coming back to life.

On X, the majority of players are mentioning how this kind of content takes the entire plot to a place where it doesn’t matter what happened in the story.

Season 4 will be released on May 29.

The trailer features a British character donning a peculiar mask that obscures half of his face, a feature attributed to the game’s new skin.

On X, users responded to the post, stating that the game’s story lacks significant impact due to the post-game additions that render every decision in the story mode insignificant.

This was also evident in the first Modern Warfare, where the main character even lost a leg due to the seasonal content.

This is not the first time that Activision has played with these changes without any real risk in the game. In the initial installment of the current saga, a character suffered a leg injury, but upon their return in the most recent game, the character’s leg remained intact. The studio appears to be unconcerned with maintaining the continuity of the story, both in terms of character development and the actual consequences on the overall plot.

On May 29, Modern Warfare 3 will release Season 4, featuring numerous crossovers with popular IPs such as Gundam. In Battle Royale mode, the update will also add Paris as a new map. Activision will also add four new maps, more weapons, and several killstreaks. In addition to Soap, the new battle pass will feature two additional operators. The rotation will also include six new modes.

What are your thoughts on this character’s inclusion in the game? Let us know in the comments!

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