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All Pokémon natures explained: full list of natures and stat changes

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All Pokémon natures explained: full list of natures and stat changes

Pokémon has captured the hearts of players for decades, providing endless joy as they explore the franchise’s unique world and capture, breed, and battle the creatures. And while the series is known for being accessible to players of all types, it’s also deceptively simple. Beneath all of the cute vibes are various deep systems that have often quiet, but no less important, roles in collecting and fighting each game’s Pokémon.

One of these systems is Pokémon natures, which can play a significant part in each creature’s stats due to how they differ in stat distribution. Here’s everything you need to know about Pokémon natures alongside a list of every one of them.

What are Pokémon natures?


Every Pokémon you capture has a nature randomly attached to them, essentially granting them a specific personality trait. Though these personality traits themselves don’t have any meaningful impact on how your Pokémon acts, they do provide specific stat boosts and reductions that are very important if you’re looking to get the most out of the Pokémon in battle.

There are a total of 25 natures that can be applied to a Pokémon you encounter. Five of these are neutral, meaning they provide no stat boosts or reductions, while the remaining natures all increase one stat by 10% and decrease another by 10%.

Because of the stat differences between each nature, it’s vital to seek out the nature that best suits the Pokémon you’re wanting to add to your lineup. For instance, if it’s a Pokémon that primarily makes use of Special Attacks and has little use for a standard ******* stat, you’d want to keep trying to catch one that has a Modest nature, as this raises the former at the cost of lowering the latter.

All Pokémon natures and their stats

Here are all Pokémon natures alongside the stats that are raised and lowered by them, respectively.

  • Adamant – *******/Special *******
  • Bashful – Neutral
  • Bold – Defense/*******
  • Brave – *******/Speed
  • Calm – Special Defense/*******
  • Careful – Special Defense/Special *******
  • Docile – Neutral
  • Gentle – Special Defense/Defense
  • Hardy – Neutral
  • Hasty – Speed/Defense
  • Impish – Defense/Special *******
  • Jolly – Speed/Special *******
  • Lax – Defense/Special Defense
  • Lonely – *******/Defense
  • Mild – Special *******/Defense
  • Modest – Special *******/*******
  • Naive – Speed/Special Defense
  • Naughty – *******/Special Defense
  • Quiet – Special *******/Speed
  • Quirky – Neutral
  • Rash – Special *******/Special Defense
  • Relaxed – Defense/Speed
  • Sassy – Special Defense/Speed
  • Serious – Neutral
  • Timid – Speed/*******

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