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$150k VIP Matchmaking Service: Meet Your Perfect 12

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$150k VIP Matchmaking Service: Meet Your Perfect 12

(credit: Perfect 12)

Founded in 2010 by Simona Fusco, an internationally renowned award-winning entrepreneur,

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has been the preferred choice of top CEOs and celebrities who value their time and reputation above all else. With a company success rate of over 90%, Perfect 12 has grown to operate globally, supported by a team of experts, including matchmakers, dating coaches, stylists, photographers and even a real estate division, to help you find your love nest once you’re successfully matched. 

Exemplifying the gold standard of elite dating, Simona has grown the matchmaking firm to be one of the most trusted, leading elite matchmakers in the country. Along with its standard packages which start at $60,000, Perfect 12 Founder’s Circle Package is truly the creme de la creme in the industry. For $150,000, the “Founder’s Circle is an ultra-exclusive enclave reserved for a select few,” said Simona. Made up of sophisticated, accomplished and the most discerning gentleman, the mere ability to pay (the amount is paid upfront, if selected) does not guarantee acceptance into this elite circle.

(credit: Perfect 12)

The curated group is hand-selected by Simona to include “only those distinguished individuals who meet our stringent criteria for integrity, character and readiness for a serious relationship.” Simona personally meets each potential member to assess if they possess a genuine commitment to finding a meaningful connection and exude the qualities of true success, influence and authenticity. Simona believes that only those who share her vision of genuine connections and beauty and also have the rare combination of high standard and influence, are true fits for The Founder’s Circle. “We create an environment where extraordinary connections flourish and genuine relationships can thrive,” says Simona. Included in the package are: unlimited introductions and recruiting (all candidates are vetted by Simona), search in multiple locations, travel options, date coaching and feedback, as well as 24/7 member support.

Standing out from her high-end matchmaking competitors, Perfect 12 values their client’s discretion and time and as such have a rigorous screening process for candidates. Going beyond just a pretty face, Simona and her team make sure that each match is genuine and compatible on numerous levels. And that is where Perfect 12 gets its name. “I came up with the name ‘Perfect 12’ because in a world where a Perfect 10 is recognized as merely a pretty face, I wanted to redefine beauty,” said Simona. “Perfect 12 symbolizes someone whose beauty is enhanced by intelligence, integrity and substance, it goes beyond outward appearances. It encompasses a person’s inner qualities, values and character.”

(credit: Perfect 12)

Whether clients are selected to be in The Founder’s Circle or their Gold, Platinum and Carte Blanche membership, Simona personally oversees every client’s journey and works with each client’s matchmaker. Perfect 12 is a firm believer of fostering meaningful connections that transcend superficiality and not let their clients get lost in the shuffle. The company presents custom-tailored matches based on each client’s specific criteria from lifestyle, personality, interests, philosophy and values, ensuring a truly compatible connection. The carefully selected Perfect 12 ladies in Simona’s database are commitment-minded individuals seeking genuine connections who also go through a vetting process to ensure the utmost satisfaction to their members.

Going beyond matchmaking, Simona, a licensed realtor, together with her team at Christie’s International, can also offer expert assistance in real estate transactions for her clients. Simona wants to not only ensure that she finds each client their perfect match, but also help find them their dream home to start their new lives together in. Perfect 12 offers a concierge service to members to curate and plan date ideas from VIP access to a one-of-a-kind date so each client can focus on enjoying the moment and building a genuine connection.  

The hands-on boutique agency has matched everyone from Sports Illustrated models and Victoria’s Secret models to Oscar winning celebrities, Fortune 100 entrepreneurs, private equity professionals, and real estate moguls, along with thousands of other clients who are looking to find ‘the one’.

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