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PS5, Xbox and PC Don’t Have a Feature You Can Only Enjoy in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

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PS5, Xbox and PC Don’t Have a Feature You Can Only Enjoy in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile has taken the gaming world by storm, offering an impressive battle royale experience on mobile devices. The game was released in March 2024 as a free-to-play mobile first-person shooter game published by Activision. The decision to release another Call of Duty Mobile version was baffling to players and has made them discuss. 

However, one of the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile’s unique features which sparked a ******* discussion among players was the availability of a 120-player Verdansk map. Especially when compared to the PC and console versions (both PlayStation and Xbox) only allow up to 100 players.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: A Step above 

Verdansk map coming to Call of Duty Warzone Mobile | Activision

The 120-player Verdansk map in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile offers a unique and expansive battle royale experience, tailored for mobile gaming. With its rich features and strategic gameplay, it’s a standout addition to the Call of Duty franchise. 

This 120-player multiplayer mode has started a discussion about how PCs and consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) only allow up to 100 players at max. In an

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with Chris Plummer, Senior Vice President and Co-Head of Mobile at Activision Publishing, he said the decision to allow 120 players in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile reflects a deliberate choice to create a more dynamic and action-packed game.  His exact words were the following: 

I think it’s important to point out that this isn’t the technical limitation in any direction. These are design choices. We can support more players or less players in Warzone Mobile and the same is true on other platforms.

He also added that the map of Verdansk is not available on other platforms and is pretty unique in many ways so it can maintain the active flow of 120 players. The 120-player multiplayer mode is only available on Verdansk map, a fan-favourite from the original Warzone. Players have long requested its return on PCs and consoles but now they can explore it on their mobile devices.  

The Development Journey of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Activision wants to create the mobile version in-house. | Activision

Activision’s decision to create Call of Duty Warzone Mobile alongside the existing Call of Duty Mobile game might seem puzzling at first. After all, Call of Duty Mobile has been incredibly successful, boasting a staggering 650 million downloads since its launch in 2019. 

However, there are many relevant reasons behind this decision. The first reason was that unlike Call of Duty Mobile, which is developed by Tencent, Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is entirely developed in-house at Activision. This distinction allows Activision to retain a larger share of the revenue generated from in-game purchases and battle passes.

Call of Duty Mobile is developed by Tencent. | Activision

Activision also wanted to emphasise that the importance of a shared experience across platforms is important for them. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile aims to bring players together, regardless of their chosen device. Activision’s commitment to a shared gaming experience and its ******* to maximize revenue drive the decisions behind Warzone Mobile.

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