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Live the good life in Lord of the Rings-inspired narrative game Halfling Dale

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Live the good life in Lord of the Rings-inspired narrative game Halfling Dale

  • Halfling Dale is a choose-your-own adventure game set in a shire-like halfling community
  • Deal with the consequences of your miscreant brother’s actions and explore a small community
  • Pursue 10 potential routes and over 20 different endings

Ever wanted to live the life of a hobbit? Eating however many square meals a day, smoking pipeweed and sitting watching the world go by? Well, we can’t promise a simulation game that meets all that, but if you want a sneak peek into the lives of the Tolkien-inspired halfling archetype we all know and love, why not have a go at the recently-released Halfling Dale?

As the set-up goes, you are a halfling that lives in a typical Tolkienesque halfling community. The Dale, as it’s called, is shaken up when your brother goes one mischief too far. Now saddled with the reputation of being a ‘disturber of the peace’ you’ll have to navigate the intricacies of halfling life and explore the dale, all while dealing with the consequences of your brother’s actions.

“In a ***** in the ground, there lived a hobbit.”

Yes if you try and compare the writing in anything versus the works of old J.R.R. Tolkien people will probably come up lacking. But if you want a cosy,

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, then Halfling Dale looks set to offer the *****-back adventuring type over 20 different endings, 10 potential routes and more.

While it may lack in graphics, being primarily driven by the text-based nature of a choose-your-own-adventure game, we think that Halfling Dale looks quite intriguing, especially for a game seemingly made by quite a small development team. You can pick up the game on

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Play or the iOS App Store, with a chance to try before you buy and unlock the entire story.

And if you want to see what else has cropped up in our exploration of the world of mobile then you can take a gander at our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) for more hidden gems, indie hits and major releases!

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