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Best Strongest Battlegrounds character tier list 2024

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Best Strongest Battlegrounds character tier list 2024

When getting into Strongest Battlegrounds, you want to make sure you’re playing with the best characters. When you’re up against top-tier players, every little stat makes a difference.

Let’s face it: not all Strongest Battlegrounds characters are created equal; some are really terrible. However, a lot of it comes down to your own personal skill in Roblox fighting games, how you like to play the game, and what movesets work for you. Also, sometimes you may just want a challenge. These are my choices for the best Strongest Battlegrounds characters in a tier list based on my experience.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

These characters are just the best of the best. This boils down to a few factors, such as their lightning-quick ******* speeds and passives.

  • The Strongest hero (Saitama) – Monstrous damage output, but can be a little slow. However, Saitamas ultimate is usually a one-hit KO, making him at the top of the Strongest Battlegrounds tier list.
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Some of these can be a little slow, and some just don’t have the range. But if you’re looking for some fun and still crazy powerful characters to play in Strongest Battlegrounds, give them a go.

  • (Destructive Cyborg) Genos – The overly powerful student of our S Tier Strongest Battlegrounds character. Using Machine **** Blows, close-range combat is devastating, and Blitz Shot can create carnage from afar. When you master Geno’s combos, you’ll find his damage output is huge.
  • (Brutal ******) Metal Bat – Metal Bat has a great selection of attacks and combos, but two things make him stand out in Strongest Battlegrounds. This character has the ability to deflect moves with his bat, and more than that, any damage self inflicted or otherwise charges their ultimate.
  • (Hero Hunter) Garou – Opinions are often split about this character in Strongest Battlegrounds, but I think they deserve a high-tier ranking. His ability to deflect projectiles is fantastic, and his only real weakness is range. This combines with huge combos for ultimate destruction.
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Choose these characters if you want to learn some new movesets. Taking a *******-to-play character will not only let everyone else know how confident you are in your skills but also pose a challenge. Taking a lower-tier character in Strongest Battlegrounds is the true move of an alpha.

  • (Blade Master) Atomic Samurai – Too low on the damage, with pretty terrible range, and a moveset that be easily countered. However, this is a fast character just about keeping it from C tier.

Characters in the C Tier of Strongest Battlegrounds are only good for either learning the game or for the very advanced players. They are forgiving or very difficult to use.

  • (Deadly Ninja) Sonic – This is a very fast character who specialises in sprint attacks. However, most can be blocked, so if you want to play Sonic, you’ll have to really learn the mechanics. This makes them hard to use and not forgiving of mistakes.

Don’t forget to stunt on your floored opponents with some of the best emotes in the game.

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