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MultiVersus is adding some R-rated fighters to its roster

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MultiVersus is adding some R-rated fighters to its roster

Warner Bros. Games is continuing to build out its MultiVersus fighting game roster before it launches its 1.0 version on May 28. On Monday, the company introduced Friday the 13th ******* Jason Voorhees and The Matrix villain Agent Smith to the lineup.

The pair was announced in a new trailer called “Stars Collide. Pies Fly,” which depicted many of the playable MultiVersus characters battling it out for various reasons. Finn from Adventure Time faces off against Bugs Bunny, Velma comes in for the assist, and the Iron Giant fights Stripe from Gremlins.

The trailer also gives a spotlight to the Joker, who was also recently announced as part of the game’s 1.0 launch. He’s the one that summons Jason and Agent. Smith to the game —  according to the trailer, anyway. All three will launch as part of Season 1, called “Puns & Villainy.” However, while Jason will be available at launch, Agent Smith will arrive at a later date.

Warner Bros. Games has been doing a big marketing push for MultiVersus, its free-to-play fighting game. A beta version launched in July 2022, along with paid Founder’s Packs that gave players extra in-game currency, battle pass tokens, and more. After some balance changes and two seasons, the game went offline in June 2023.

Since being taken offline, the

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, including rebuilding the game from the ground up to support improved netcode for online play and to exist in Unreal Engine 5 for improved visuals. They’ve also added new stages and characters. Beyond the aforementioned ones, they also added Marvin the Martian. The characters beta players know are still in the game, although they’ll feature new movesets. Finally, players will get a new PvE mode called Rifts, which will feature fights based around certain themes and narratives.

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