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DSIT unveils plans for independent institute to underpin UK Semiconductor Strategy

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DSIT unveils plans for independent institute to underpin *** Semiconductor Strategy

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) is reinforcing its commitment to the *** government’s £1bn Semiconductor Strategy by setting out plans to open an independent institute tasked with promoting the sector to overseas investors.

The *** Semiconductor Institute will be independently run from the *** government, DSIT confirmed, and bring together commercial entities, private sector and academic institutions to support the growth of the ***’s semiconductor market.

“Our aim is that … the institute will be established as an independent organisation tasked with making sure chip researchers have the tools and infrastructure needed to drive their work forward in these focus areas, and convert their innovation into market-ready products, subject to final checks,” said DSIT, in a statement.

The institute will also be tasked with providing the ***’s semiconductor market with a “voice”, and act as a central point of focus to make it easier for technology firms and overseas businesses to connect and invest in the sector.

“Semiconductors underpin all the technology that keeps our economy moving,” said technology minister Saqib Bhatti. “Our strategy set out that we would grow the sector and make it resilient by focusing on what the British chip sector does best.

“Building on the early success of the strategy, the *** Semiconductor Institute will unify the semiconductor sector to focus our talented researchers on securing our status at the cutting edge of semiconductor science. This is a hugely significant milestone on our journey to becoming a science and tech superpower by 2030.”

DSIT confirmed the Institute’s launch is being announced one year on after the *** government went public with its Semiconductor Strategy document, which saw it commit to investing £1bn in semiconductor research and design, and improving the sector’s talent pipeline, over the next 10 years.

The Institute’s opening has won the praise of *** tech trade body TechUK, whose CEO, Julian David, said it marks an important step in transforming the Semiconductor Strategy’s words into actions.

“We are confident that this Institute will serve as an authoritative and empowered body,” he said. “By bringing together government, universities and the private sector, the Institute will be pivotal in advancing research and development, skills development, and fostering international collaboration. This collaboration will secure a robust and innovative future for the ***’s semiconductor landscape.”

Martin McHugh, CEO at CSA Catapult, a ***-based organisation that champions the ***’s semiconductor industry by enabling collaboration with small-to-large organisations, said the Institute’s opening will ensure the *** has a “strategic and co-ordinated approach” to developing new technologies in this field.

“The *** Semiconductor Institute will ensure the *** has a strategic and coordinated approach to developing new technologies, improving skills and exploiting areas in which the *** has existing strengths,” he said.

“One of these strengths is compound semiconductors, and we look forward to working closely with the *** Semiconductor Institute to further the advancement of this critical technology that will accelerate our route to net-zero through electrification, and provide a secure and resilient telecoms network for the future.”

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