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Asmongold’s Reaction to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s First Trailer Was Vastly Different to His Critical and Damning One to Assassin’s Creed Shadows

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Asmongold’s Reaction to *********’s Creed Valhalla’s First Trailer Was Vastly Different to His Critical and Damning One to *********’s Creed Shadows

*********’s Creed Shadows is a title that has been creating headlines since it was announced. Further, when the trailer for the game went live, it caused an even ******* fan uproar. One of the two protagonists in the game, Yasuke, became the point of fiery debates and controversies.

But the overall response for the title’s first trailer was also much worse when compared to previous titles like Valhalla. Apart from various community members,

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Streamers like Asmongold also reacted to trailers for both titles, and the two reactions were vastly different.

*********’s Creed Valhalla was the third title since the series took a different RPG-esque approach to its games. *********’s Creed Shadows will be another product of the studio’s approach, which wasn’t the case with titles like Mirage.

Asmongold posted a video featuring highlights of his

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Stream in which he was requested by one of his viewers to react to Valhalla’s cinematic trailer. Quite visibly, the reaction from the streamer was an overwhelmingly positive one. He praised the game’s visuals and how lifelike the characters look in the cinematic trailer.

The streamer had this to say on the trailer featuring intense melee combat sequences:

This is *********’s Creed? I thought I’d just go around stabbing people…This is an all-out war!

While cinematic trailers shouldn’t be considered representative of the final product as they contain minimal gameplay footage, the streamer’s reaction to the trailer was almost an antipode of his reaction to the cinematic trailer of Assassins’ Creed Shadows.

The trailer for Shadows was launched recently, and the reaction it got from gamers wasn’t incredibly positive or overwhelmingly negative. If fans’ social media posts are to be believed, their reactions are incredibly mixed.

As seen in the video embedded above, the streamer alleged that the Yasuke controversy was perhaps a brilliant act of misdirection by Ubisoft. It was simple: engaging the masses in an ethnopolitical controversy and diverting them from the game’s 130 USD price tag.

He also criticizes the historical accuracy and how the means the title chose to represent feudal Japan comes in the form of Yasuke and Naoe and doesn’t feel authentic. Further, he stated that the studio wanted gamers to get the Ubisoft+ subscription to generate consistent revenue by funneling consumers into its ecosystem, hence the $130 price tag.

While none of the titles in the series are one-to-one recreations of history, the streamer made a fair point that Shadows looked ingenuine, which wasn’t the case with his reaction to Valhalla‘s trailer. The streamer expressed his excitement by reacting to Valhalla‘s trailer, but nothing similar could be found with Shadows.

Amid all the controversy surrounding the upcoming Assasin’s Creed title, what do you think will be its fate? Let us know in the comments section below.

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