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Thermal Grizzly’s new heatspreader claimed to lower CPU temperatures by nearly 15 degrees Celsius

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Thermal Grizzly’s new heatspreader claimed to lower CPU temperatures by nearly 15 degrees Celsius

Users of Intel CPUs spanning 12th Gen to 14th Gen who dare to delid will soon be able to enjoy the cooling benefits of Thermal Grizzly’s High Performance Heatspreader (HSPS) V1. Compared to Intel’s stock heatspreaders, the

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has a 207% larger surface area and is diamond-milled for an even flatter surface. But what does all of this really mean for performance?

According to tests done by Thermal Grizzly using a Core i9-13900KS in a custom loop liquid cooling configuration with a Watercool MO-RA3, Thermal Grizzly’s Heatspreader reduces temperatures by 14.8 degrees Celsius compared to a standard CPU IHS (integrated heat spreader). This is a significant improvement, but of course, only one that can be achieved in similarly high-end cooling conditions (heatspreader replacement, liquid metal cooling, etc).

This latest release from Thermal Grizzly follows in the steps of similar moves by other manufacturers who have attempted to address the cooling shortcomings of the latest Intel desktop CPUs. For example, the EK-Nucleus AIO is claimed to improve temperatures by about the same amount, but is only intended for fully delidded CPUs. Back with 12th Gen, Thermal Grizzly also launched a CPU contact frame that reduced temperatures by 10 degrees Celsius due to design flaws on Intel’s end.

Besides a new heatspreader, Thermal Grizzly’s news release also briefly discusses its Intel Mycro Direct-**** V1 AIO liquid cooler, which is similar to the EK-Nucleus AIO we discussed prior. The Intel Mycro Direct **** AIO from Thermal Grizzly was also tested to achieve temperature decreases of 17.2 degrees Celsius than a “comparison cooler”, though that comparison cooler isn’t actually specified.

Both new TG devices tested were done so in controlled but extreme conditions, with delidded CPUs, liquid metal cooling, and the like placing these products well outside the wheelhouse of your average PC builder. Thermal Grizzly’s high-performance AIO and heatspreader are both already available on its site, though, and builders who wait a few more weeks can also snag an RGB version of the full cooler, should you please. Moreover, the firm is likely to address the AMD AM5 market with something similar to the HSPS V1 in due course. 

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