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Helldivers 2’s Johan Pilestedt Confirms Arrowhead Will Look to ‘approach the balance’ of the Game

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Helldivers 2’s Johan Pilestedt Confirms Arrowhead Will Look to ‘approach the balance’ of the Game

Helldivers 2 was once a fun multiplayer game where players and friends could ***** in and do missions together until the developers at Arrowhead Game Studios made some changes. The fans plucked up the courage to speak up, and director Johan Pilestedt is responding.

Recent changes to the in-game systems have caused some players to lose interest, and it is not ideal for a live-service title. Hopefully, this is a wake-up call for the developers to ease up on the changes and take note of what the community has to say and how it is affecting the experience.

Johan Pilestedt Thinks the Team Took the Balancing Changes Too Far in Helldivers 2

The efforts of Arrowhead Game Studios to balance the gameplay in Helldivers 2 had some negative effects.

It wasn’t long ago when the developers noticed how the majority of the player base often relied on the rail **** as its primary firearm and how other tools in its arsenal, like stratagems, were underutilized, and made the tough decision to adjust or nerf its effects to discourage its use.

Some players took notice of it and were not happy at first with the decision of the developers, but they still played regardless. Pilestedt even toyed with the idea of introducing new weapons that are heavily requested by the fans, like a Gatling ****, but will only do so if the developers can somehow come up with a realistic mechanic.

For the sake of balance, the developers had to make decisions and cut corners. Arrowhead Game Studios is consistently providing support for the game and its systems, but it is not enough, especially with recent discoveries of malfunctioning status effects and stratagems that could affect the player experience.

Johan Pilestedt Apologizes for the Balancing Changes Made in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 has changed for the worse, according to some players, and director Johan Pilestedt is sorry about it.

There is no such thing as a perfect video game, especially in an industry where there is a constant stream of new ideas and innovative concepts that can be applied in live-service games and developers are racing to make sure that the games they are working on are doing well. Pilestedt knew there would be a backlash if the team somehow took away the player’s most powerful ******* but had the right intentions.

The developers wanted the gaming community to rely on each other more than its loadout, which is why they nerfed several weapons to encourage socialization and teamwork. Pilestedt and Arrowhead Game Studios had a vision of building a game where players can count on one another and be civil while also being realistic but the playstyle of some contradicts that vision so the team made compromises.

The director’s response is a testament to his good character, and rather than shutting down the fan who complained, he gave him an assuring response by coordinating directly with the people responsible for the balancing efforts. Perhaps there will come a day when the developers can satisfy the wants of the community and also give the game the balance it needs.

Are you upset about the recent balancing changes made in Helldivers 2? Let us know in the comments section below!

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