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[STEAM][PRESS]V Rising Full Launch Causes Surge of Players on Steam


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Vampire centric action role playing game V Rising has now fully launched on Steam after two years in Early Access, and it's off to a very hot start.

V Rising enjoyed a 24 hour peak of 78,164 concurrent players on its May 8, 2024 launch date, according to player tracking website
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. While this wasn't quite
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, it was a huge spike in numbers for the game which was previously averaging less than 10,000 a day.

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in March 2024 but its full 1.0 patch notes (
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) only arrived as the full game launched.

"The journey to full release was rife with dangers and challenges, but your feedback and raw excitement helped us navigate the winding roads to a victorious 1.0 launch," Stunlock said of its release. "We’re very excited to take this last step with you because we can truly spread our wings beyond this last footfall and take to the skies!"

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but currently only has a vague 2024 release window. The game begins with the player as a fully-customizable vampire waking up after a century-spanning sleep, very weak and in need of blood. But what begins as a survival action game in the vein of Diablo soon turns into a fully open world adventure with base-building, co-op, and versus multiplayer.

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, IGN said: "V Rising has been nicely polished up during its dark slumber in Early Access, allowing it to fully rise to the occasion with its excellent boss design and challenging ARPG combat."

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelance reporter. He'll talk about The Witcher all day.

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