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How to unlock Probotector in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns

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How to unlock Probotector in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns

Vampire Survivors feels like it’s starting to become the Fortnite of roguelikes. From Among Us to the newly released Contra crossover with Operation Guns, developers Poncle are sparing no expense on great DLC. With that, we’re going to take a look at one of the brand-new characters and figure out how to unlock Probotector in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can unlock the Probotector by finding 14 Barriers around Neo Galuga. Now if you’re like me, Barriers in Vampire Survivors are not in fact, objects that block your path going forward. Instead, a Barrier is a red ****** ****** that looks eerily similar to Probotector.

And as the unlock description says, you don’t even need to ***** the Barriers, all you have to do is see them in the game. However, Barriers won’t be spawning all the time. You’ll start to see Barriers around the 15-minute mark in Neo Galuga.

After you feel like you’ve seen enough or you finish your run, upon returning to the main menu, you’ll be able to purchase Probotector with some of that hard-earned gold we hope you’ve been stockpiling.

The fact that the Probotector was technically not a real character until Contra 4 and is now fighting alongside Bill and Lance in a Vampire Survivors DLC is truly astounding. Who would’ve thought that the ****** characters Konami had to change Bill and Lance to in the ********* version of Contra would end up where he is now? Once you play some of the new Operation Guns adventure, you can take Probotector back to the forests of Galuga and beyond.

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