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NY Attorney General Sues Crisis Pregnancy Centers Over Abortion Reversal Pill

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NY Attorney General Sues Crisis Pregnancy Centers Over ********* Reversal Pill

The state of New York is suing the pro-life group Heartbeat International (HBI) and 11 crisis pregnancy centers to force them to stop promoting ********* pill reversal services, claiming the groups are promoting a procedure that cannot reverse the effects of the ********* pill. While that claim is touted by the ********* industry, pro-life doctors have refuted it with actual evidence of many lives saved.

State Attorney General Letitia James is asking a New York court to forbid HBI and the other centers from advertising ********* pill reversal treatments saying they used “false and misleading statements to advertise an unproven treatment.” 

“Heartbeat International and the other crisis pregnancy center defendants are spreading dangerous misinformation by advertising ‘********* reversals’ without any medical and scientific proof,” James said in a

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. “Amid the increase in attacks on reproductive health care nationwide, we must protect pregnant people’s right to make safe, well-informed decisions about their health.”

The lawsuit filed by James claims Heartbeat International and other groups use a “multi-media marketing scheme” to promote the life-saving pill regimen. 

She claimed that abortions can’t be reversed and argued that treatments offering to do so could be unsafe.

As CBN News has reported on numerous occasions, doctors who utilize ********* pill reversal say a high dose of the hormone progesterone can stop the effects of a chemical *********. They’ve explained the clear science behind how it works to save lives if performed in time. 

According to RealOptions, a pregnant woman’s body produces the natural hormone progesterone to sustain a pregnancy. In chemical abortions, the ***** Mifepristone blocks progesterone and starves the pre-born baby to ******. The ********* pill reversal protocol consists of giving extra progesterone within 72 hours after taking Mifepristone to “outnumber and outcompete” the ********* ***** so the baby can survive. 

The ********* Pill Rescue Network (APRN) website shares that there is a 64-68% success rate for woman who follow their protocol adding that “thousands of lives have been saved.”

A 2018 peer-reviewed study published by Dr. George Delgado in the medical journal Issues in Law and Medicine followed 754 women who experienced ********* regret and wanted to stop their chemical abortions that were already in progress. They found that 68% of women who started the reversal treatment were able to give birth to a healthy baby.

HBI was also sued by the state of California in September for advertising the ********* reversal pill and said in a recent statement that New York’s lawsuit is “a clear attempt to censor speech.”

“New York State laws protect abortionists and ********* on demand up until birth. Now they are targeting those who assist a woman in exercising her right to continue her own pregnancy. It is unconscionable to see the ********* industry and its paid-for politicians go so far as to insist she complete an ********* she no longer wants,” said Jor-El Godsey, president of Heartbeat International.

Thomas More Society, a non-profit legal group, has

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on behalf of HBI and the other pregnancy crisis centers with the New York Supreme Court to block James’ lawsuit claiming the AG’s “threatened prosecution and intimidation of pregnancy help organizations violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the ******* States Constitution, the New York Constitution and state civil rights law.”

“This is a political witch-hunt against small nonprofits that have selflessly served New York’s pregnant women and their children for over 50 years,” said Peter Breen, the group’s executive vice president. “Letitia James should be heralding these charities, not launching outrageously false claims against them under laws that don’t apply to their noncommercial speech.”

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