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Gray Zone Warfare It’s in the Water guide: All sample locations

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Gray Zone Warfare It’s in the Water guide: All sample locations

She wouldn’t be a Lab Rat if she didn’t experiment with some questionable samples. Here are all the sample locations in Ban Pa and how to complete the It’s in the Water task in Gray Zone Warfare.

It’s in the Water is one of the many Lab Rat tasks you can complete in Gray Zone Warfare. It will be locked until you visit Ban Pa during the Handshake task called The Shadows Over Ban Pa. Lab Rat will have you pick up some samples across Ban Pa to analyze any presence of chemical or biological hazards, so you can say that the stakes are pretty high. You will have to find and collect samples from the following places:

  • Avian tissue sample.
  • Well water sample.
  • Mound of soil sample.
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Before you travel to Ban Pa via helicopter, be sure to equip the sample kits Lab Rat will give to you – collect them from your mail. Otherwise, you will have to return to Main Base for them.

Anyway, as soon as you drop out of the Landing Zone near Ban Pa, you will have to find a mound of soil to sample. The thing with this mission is that, contrary to other tasks, the location descriptions are extremely vague. So, to get the mound soil sample, locate it a coordinates 206, 137. It is just south of the Landing Zone.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The next location is the well. This is west of the mound of soil in the town at 205, 137. You will find a piece of blue-painted wood on top of it.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Finally, the last location is found in the southmost part of Ban Pa. You will find a birdhouse that has seen quite the better days. Interact with it to collect the final sample.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Head back to the Landing Zone and travel back to the Main Base to finish the task. Since Ban Pa is located far from the base, you will have to wait almost 4 minutes before a helicopter comes to get you, so be sure to cure any conditions or wounds you might be experiencing. Once you return to your Main Base, Lab Rat will reward you with the following items:

  • 3x SBlood medicine.
  • 6,300 USD.
  • 1000x Experience.
  • 150x Lab Rat Reputation.

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