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Phil Spencer Is Definitely Getting Trolled For One Comment He Made Months Before Shutting Down Tango, Arkane Austin

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Phil Spencer Is Definitely Getting Trolled For One Comment He Made Months Before Shutting Down Tango, Arkane Austin

Xbox caught a storm of flak from the games industry over a very recent wave of studio closures, as it shuttered four Bethesda studios, with Tango Gameworks (Hi-Fi Rush, The Evil Within) and Arkane Austin (Dishonored, Prey) being particularly harsh blows.


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Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has yet to make a public statement about the closures, a 2023 quote from the executive makes them all the more hypocritical, leading to him receiving a fair amount of ridicule on social media.

Phil Spencer Says He Wants Quality Games, But Does He?

Xbox’s mission is to produce quality games, yet it still shut down Tango, which made its best game in recent years.

Speaking with

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, Spencer emphasized the importance of producing high-quality first-party games:

Quality games is critically important to our strategy. So it’s not that Starfield getting at 11 out of 10 isn’t our goal – although, that’s a silly way of putting it. I don’t know if I’m gonna use review scores as the mark of all quality. But making the best Starfield is absolutely our goal. I want to build the absolute best games we can.

Spencer’s commitment to quality may have sounded promising at the time, but after yesterday’s closures, it raises a critical question: how does shuttering studios with proven track records of creating critically-acclaimed titles like Hi-Fi Rush and Dishonored align with that goal?

Tango Gameworks delivered a surprise hit with Hi-Fi Rush in 2023, which exceeded internal metrics according to

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itself, raising a discrepancy between perceived quality and financial success within the Xbox strategy. Studios known for crafting innovative experiences seem to be expendable, even when those experiences resonate with critics and players alike.

There’s More To A Game’s Quality Than Spencer Lets On

Hi-Fi Rush was the perfect example of the type of the game
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needs, but it’s been canned, sadly.

Furthermore, Spencer’s dismissal of review scores as the sole measure of quality is disingenuous. While a single review might not tell the whole story, overall critical reception often reflects a game’s ability to push boundaries, engage players, and deliver a polished experience – all aspects that contribute to a game’s overall quality.

Studios like Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin have a history of achieving this, raising concerns about the future direction of Xbox game development. While it is true that Redfall wasn’t really lavished with praise, it was still Arkane’s first misfire, and unfortunately, its last.

The closure of these studios not only impacts the franchises they nurtured, but also throws the careers of talented developers into uncertainty. They send a worrying message about

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’s obligation to promote true creative talent within its own ecosystem.

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’s multi-billion dollar acquisition spree was supposed to bolster its game development muscle. Now, with these closures, it appears some studios didn’t fit neatly into a specific mold, leading to their unfortunate demise.

Spencer is the perfect representation of ‘overpromise and underdeliver’.

Phil Spencer’s comments about quality are a welcome sentiment, but they need to be backed by concrete actions. Preserving and nurturing talent, even though it might make missteps, is what leads to eventual success. Studios like FromSoftware didn’t get to where they are today because of one-hit wonder games.

It takes years, sometimes even decades, of consistency to build a reputation in the games industry. But above all, it takes creativity and innovation. And as a steward to three publishers,

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clearly isn’t doing the job properly.

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