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Power Rangers All Stars gets revived with South Korea Launch

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Power Rangers All Stars gets revived with South Korea Launch

  • Collect Power Rangers from various series
  • Stop Rita Repulsa from destroying the world
  • Battle enemies to save cities

If you’re a Power Rangers fan in South Korea, you’re in luck. Power Rangers: All Stars, a mobile card-collecting RPG, has officially launched in South Korea. In it, you’ll collect Power Rangers from the franchise’s various series and lead them in battle against the many monsters threatening the city.

From game publisher

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, this mobile RPG features all your favourite Power Rangers brought to life with adorable 3D graphics. The game also features villain Rita Repulsa, who was sealed away by the Dino Ranger.

However, Rita has been resurrected and has created a quantum portal, creating a rift in time and space and merging multiple versions of Earth into one. Now she and her minions are swarming cities with the ultimate goal of annihilating humanity. It’s up to you to summon the Power Rangers to take on these nefarious forces.

Each Power Ranger you collect in-game has their own abilities for you to utilize in battle. You’ll need to use your heroes’ powers strategically to win against challenging foes. Further, you’ll also gain access to multiple Megazords, which can deal devastating damage in battle.

This Power Rangers RPG initially launched in 2018 in The Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand but was ultimately shut down in December 2021. However, with the title relaunching in South Korea, there’s renewed hope for a global release.

This isn’t Move Interactive’s first game based on the popular IP; the company also released Power Rangers Dash; however, service for this title ended in 2021. The studio also released Redemption, an online sci-fi fantasy game, and role-playing titles Digimon RPG and Digimon Masters.

If you reside in South Korea, you can download Power Rangers: All Stars now via the App Store or

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Play. As of yet, there is no word on if or when the game will receive a global launch.

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