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U Assist Veterans challenges and rewards in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone

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U Assist Veterans challenges and rewards in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone

Pinpoint your enemies and defeat them. Here are all Call of Duty Endowment: U Assist Veterans event challenges and rewards in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

To kick off Military Appreciation Month, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone bring us the

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: U Assist Veterans event – say it three times in a row. I dare you. This event houses seven challenges you can complete to gain rewards such as emblems, calling cards, consumables, and more.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Contrary to recent events, each challenge has three different objective alternatives you can complete across Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone. You only need to complete one per challenge, so pick the objective that better suits your playing preferences. Check out all of these alternatives in the table below:

Challenge Multiplayer Zombies Warzone
Eyes in the Sky (Calling Card) Deploy 5 UAV Killstreaks. ******** 5 Counter UAVs in Mercenary Camps. Deploy 10 UAV Killstreaks.
Ultimate Assist (Emblem) Get 40 Operator Assists. Successfully Exfil 10 Times. Get 20 Operator Assists.
Autonomous Advantage (Large Decal) Deploy 10 Mosquito Drone Killstreaks. Open 60 caches. Deploy 20 ***** Drone Killstreaks.
Double ******* XP Token (Consumable) Deploy 30 Munitions Box Field Upgrades. Use the Pack-A-Punch Machine 20 Times. Deploy 20 Armor Box Field Upgrades.
Helping Hand (******* Sticker) Deploy 30 Med Box Field Upgrades. Revive 20 Teammates with Quick Revive active. Deploy 4 Portable Buy Stations.
Double XP Token (Consumable) Deploy 10 Counter-UAV Killstreaks. Extract 36000 total Essence. Deploy 20 Counter-UAV Killstreaks.
Search and Reveal (Charm) Spot 40 Operators with Snapshot Grenades. Sell 700 Essence worth of items at Buy Stations. Spot 20 Operators with Snapshot Grenades.
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you complete all seven challenges in the U Assist Veterans in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone – alongside your rewards – you will also receive the Blazon camo for your weapons. The event lasts for two weeks, so you will have plenty of time to do this. I would try to complete objectives across all three modes since focusing on one could present you with some trouble, especially if you are planning to complete the event fast.

If you pick Zombies, be sure to check out the new content that came with Season 3 Reloaded as well as the new schematics available for you to unlock.

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