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New Battlefield Game Update Proves EA Learned Nothing from 2042’s Catastrophic Failure, Call of Duty Wins by Default

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New Battlefield Game Update Proves EA Learned Nothing from 2042’s Catastrophic ********, Call of Duty Wins by Default

News of the next Battlefield game has arrived, and with it, a sense of cautious optimism. After the rocky launch and lukewarm reception of Battlefield 2042, EA promised a course correction for the series, leading many fans to believe it might break away from the live-service formula 2042 tried.

As it turns out, the publisher has decided to stick with the same live-service philosophy for the next entry in the franchise, instead giving it the largest development team in the series’ history and thinking the solution to the problem is throwing more money at it.

Live Service Was Battlefield 2042‘s Biggest Failing

Although made by a much larger team, the next Battlefield game will be live service, just like the detested 2042.

The sheer size of the assembled team – spanning studios like DICE, Motive, Ripple Effect, and Criterion – is impressive. At the same time, though, the closure of Ridgeline Studios, which was developing a standalone, single-player Battlefield game, seems even more puzzling in light of the promise of a “connected” single-player mode in the next mainline title.

EA somewhat acknowledged the shortcomings of Battlefield 2042, claiming the next iteration will be a “deeper experience” based on player feedback. The sentiment is appreciated, but hollow, because player feedback surely didn’t ask for more live-service content drops and monetization opportunities.

2042 was extremely barebones at launch, relying on post-launch updates to deliver the feeling of completeness it should’ve offered on launch day. It also sacrificed a cohesive narrative and world-building in favor of a segmented, “seasonal” story delivery.

The financial success of Apex Legends, another heavily monetized live-service title from EA, suggests that the publisher is greatly intent on securing another long-term cash cow, and what better franchise to leverage it from than Battlefield, which has the potential to be Call of Duty‘s antithesis?

Fans Are Upset At EA Shoehorning Live Service In Everything

Tasting live service success with Apex Legends has made EA’s appetite for continuous revenue insatiable.

Suffice to say, the continued focus on live-service has disappointed much of the Battlefield fanbase that yearns for a more traditional, content-rich experience. YouTuber Kommander Karl recently expressed his dissatisfaction at EA’s money-hungry nature with a hilarious clip on

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, and several others shared the sentiment.

While the live-service model does carry the potential for continuous content updates and a longer lifespan, more often than not, the ********** falls flat. Moreover, a not-insignificant number of service games that flop are abandoned by the developers fairly quickly, making them a futile purchase.

Bugs, balance issues, and a lack of meaningful content additions also have a real chance of plaguing these titles, leading to player frustration. 2042 exhibited all these problems, yet EA has doubled down on the model for the next game. No wonder fans are frustrated.

The campaign of the Bad Company series still ******** unmatched, and it seems it’ll keep its crown.

Perhaps the biggest concern, though, is the erosion of Battlefield‘s identity. The series was once renowned for its large-scale battles, teamwork focus, and in the case of Bad Company 1 and 2, a ***** good campaign. The live-service model, with its emphasis on monetization and seasonal content, seems at odds with this core identity, and risks turning the next game into a Warzone clone.

While it’s also entirely possible that the next Battlefield game could just be so good that it revitalizes the franchise, it’ll require a clear vision and roadmap from EA. But most importantly, it just needs to launch in a feature-complete state. That’d instantly make it better than 2042, but what about Call of Duty? That ******** to be seen.

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