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Rush Royale’s content creator program has already issued $500,000 in participant rewards

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Rush Royale’s content creator program has already issued $500,000 in participant rewards

  • Rush Royale’s content creator program has netted creators over $500,000 in rewards
  • Is that’s helping to push Rush Royale to the top, or only part of a multi-pronged *******?
  • Further, are content creators taking a bit of a risk focusing solely on Rush Royale?

Content creators for Rush Royale’s partner program have already earned over $500,000 in rewards, developers My.Games report. As part of the program, content creators who maintain a certain number of followers and views in three tiers begin earning revenue share, starting at 10%, up to 15% if they solely focus their channels on Rush Royale.

While you can debate the ethicacy of this program in terms of shifting most of the promotion of the game onto content creators, it’s been undeniably effective. Rush Royale has been slowly climbing up the charts, and combined with major advertising campaigns like the one they recently pursued in South Korea featuring top actors, it’s no surprise that content creators are a part of that overall push.

A royale rush

Still, we’ve got to wonder whether or not this big push risks giving audiences fatigue. After all, we’ve seen streaming platforms like

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struggling to bring in new viewers, and it’s a big risk for content creators to pivot their channels entirely towards covering one game. Still, the rewards are obviously lucrative, and it’s no wonder My.Games are so quick to point that out.

Events like

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have helped further popularise streamers and other content creators, and push them into the ***** with Rush Royale fans, alongside coverage of events like the
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Still, we think Rush Royale owes a lot more to its simple, fast-paced tower defence gameplay that emulates more complex titles like Bloons TD 6 in a more accessible format. So why not check out our list of the top 3 Rush Royale decks you can build right now to get you started?

Better yet, you can take a gander at our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to see what else has been catching our eye in a year that’s been big for releases.

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