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All Penacony Grand Theater chests, Origami Birds, and Lordly Trashcan locations in Honkai Star Rail

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All Penacony Grand Theater chests, Origami Birds, and Lordly Trashcan locations in Honkai Star Rail

The latest Honkai Star Rail update has added a bunch of new areas to the game like the Penacony Grand Theater, and there are quite a few chests and other collectibles to discover within them.

The Penacony Grand Theater is one of the final areas that you’ll visit during the main Penacony storyline, and its sprawling layout is home to over a dozen treasure chests, a few Lordly Trashcans, a Warp Trotter, and a ton of Origami Birds. If you’re struggling to find everything in the Penacony Grand Theater, then keep reading to learn the locations of every collectible.

Image: Hoyoverse

There are a total of 15 chests to collect in the Penacony Grand Theater. Most of them are sitting out in the open and should be easily visible as you comb through the area as a part of the Penacony Trailblaze Missions. Some of them are guarded by elite enemies, though, so be prepared for a ******. New Penacony characters like Acheron and Robin will make quick work of them, though.

You should also have an easy time locating the Sequence Trotter in this zone since it’s ***** center in the middle of the map. There are two Lordly Trashcans to meet in the Penacony Grand Theater as well, tucked away on opposite sides of the map. First up is the Trashcan of Order. Choose these dialogue options to please it.

  • Oh! Embrace Order!
  • No Sundays!

On the other side of the zone is the Down-and-Out Trashcan. Choose these dialogue options to avoid a battle.

  • I don’t have anything to spare either.
  • It’s just rumors
Image: Hoyoverse

There are 11 Origami Birds hidden in the Penacony Grand Theater. None of them are hidden particularly well, especially if you already know where to look.

With that, you’ve now collected everything there is to find in the Penacony Grand Theater! If you’re still seeking Stellar Jades, then there are some secret achievements that you can earn in Honkai Star Rail version 2.2 that will give you some bonus funds. You can also comb through other new areas like Dreamflux Reef to pick up any chests you may have missed.

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