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Best weapons in Hades 2, ranked

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Best weapons in Hades 2, ranked

Plenty of ******* choices are in your arsenal, but which are the best? If you’re looking to reach Tartarus or breach the surface in Hades 2, here are the best weapons, ranked.

Image: Supergiant Games

I immediately found Umbral Flames to be incredibly weak compared to the rest of the available weapons. You’d have to get some hefty upgrades and Boons to make them worth your while, and even after buffing it, it’s still not enough.

While it’s decent at being a ranged *******, I’d still prefer something like the Argent Skull that can hit enemies from afar. Hopefully, Supergiant Games will improve the Umbral Flames in future updates, but I’ve barely touched it for now.

Image: Supergiant Games

If you want a rapid-attacking set of blades, go for the Sister Blades. They’re good at getting you up close and personal with enemies to launch a bevy of stabs, but I find them too reliant on melee fighting to enjoy them.

They’re also not great for crowd control, as you’re essentially stuck fighting one ****** at a time. Some enemies require you to keep a safe distance to not get hurt, so I don’t enjoy using the Sister Blades as much as I’d like.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Moonstone Axe packs a punch and is an astonishing ******* to try out the first time you get it. It can clear waves of enemies faster than most weapons, and with the right upgrades it can inflict serious damage. This is especially true during the charged-******* where you spin in circles and decimate enemies around you.

The only thing holding it back is the lack of ranged features. Sure, it’s not supposed to be a ranged *******, but the charged-Special ******* spends a lot of Magick and is one of the only ways to hit enemies from afar. It’s also the slowest *******, but it can be mitigated with Boons that increase your ******* speed.

Image: Supergiant Games

Although the Argent Skull is the most costly of the weapons to unlock, it’s worth the effort. This skull deals much better damage than any other ******* on this list while also being an excellent choice for both melee and ranged attacks.

For only 10 Magick you can aim a circular radius of damage onto a group of enemies. The only problem can arise when you run out of your limited amount of skulls, but picking them back up shouldn’t take too much effort.

Image: Supergiant Games

Even though the Witch’s Staff is your very first *******, it’s still the best out of all available. It can not only deal significant damage up-close but from a fair distance as well. The Special allows you to damage enemies from even farther, and the charged-******* can clear enemies in a line.

So far, the Witch’s Staff has consistently gotten me farther in runs than any other *******. It’s the most balanced out of the Nocturnal Arms, and can ******* just as fast as the Sister Blades can. The Witch’s Staff is one ******* you’ll consistently come back to even after unlocking new weapons.

Hopefully, you agreed with the majority of these rankings. Once you’ve discovered your favorite *******, you also need to pair it with the right upgrades for the best build.

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