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Astra: Knights of Veda releases latest update with new characters and a game mode

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Astra: Knights of Veda releases latest update with new characters and a game mode

  • Aurora and Elias added to the roster
  • New Arena Survival mode where the stage keeps on shrinking
  • Tower of Trials updated for season two

It’s almost been a month since FLINT released their 2D side-scrolling RPG, Astra: Knights of Veda, on iOS, Android, and PC. Since then, players have found themselves immersed in the dark fantasy world of Planis, which has been plagued by chaos due to the **** King’s reign. Today, the title has released its latest update, which brings a lot of new content to the fray.

In Astra: Knights of Veda’s latest update, you’ll be able to get your hands on two brand-new heroes, Aurora and Elias. Both have distinctive abilities and bring something novel to the RPG. Aurora is a ranged hero who can deal damage pretty rapidly with her bow, while Elias is renowned for slashing through enemies using his humongous axe and shocking them using the powers of electricity.

You can test out these heroes in the new Arena Survival Mode, which is perfect for those who are looking for a challenge. You’ll engage in heated battles against both enemies as well as time, with only one victor remaining at the end. The goal of the arena is to sift out players who are agile and can think quickly on their feet.

As time passes, the arena will shrink in size, becoming smaller with each passing minute. Everyone will be racing against the clock, and you may be forced to make some challenging decisions that may determine your fate. Overcome all odds successfully, and you may just be the last player standing, winning rewards such as Starstones, Crystals of Heroic Deeds, and Stigma of Elixir.

Check out this list of redeemable Astra: Knights of Veda codes!

But that’s not all. On top of all this, the Tower of Trials has also been refreshed to prepare for the next season. If you managed to ascend to the top of the tower already, get ready to do it again, this time with even more rewards waiting for those who manage to get to the higher floors.

Download Astra: Knights of Veda now for free. Visit their

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