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How to cancel BT broadband

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How to cancel BT broadband

If you’re considering cancelling your BT broadband and instead looking for a new broadband deal, you’ve probably got a whole range of questions about what the process involves, how complicated it is, and how long it takes.

The good news is that the process of cancelling your current BT broadband deal is simple. The bad news is that it may also be expensive if you have a long time left on your current BT broadband deal. 

To help you decide whether cancelling your BT broadband contract is right for you, we’ve put together this in-depth guide to the process, covering how you can cancel your current agreement, how much it might cost and how to find a better deal online.

Before you cancel BT broadband

What to consider before cancelling BT broadband

Before you set about cancelling your BT broadband contract, it’s worth considering a number of factors to ensure you’re making the right decision to cancel, for example: 

Check your current contract status

Before you cancel your deal with BT, you should check the status of your current contract with the company. If you’re currently under contract, you’ll need to pay BT an ‘early termination fee’. However, if your contract has ended, you can leave for free. 

BT will always notify you when your contract ends, but it’s possible that you missed their memo. So, checking your current status is vital. If you’re unsure how long you have left on your current deal, you should log into your BT account and check the information on your latest bill. 

Check how much switching will cost

Checking the status of your current BT broadband contract will ensure that cancelling your current deal will not cost you any unexpected sums. You can work out the most your early cancellation fee will cost by multiplying how much you pay per month, by how many months you have remaining on your minimum term. BT then take off a sum due to reduced costs, early payment, and VAT, leaving your actual final payment much lower than you will have calculated.

Look at broadband deals in your area

Once you know how much it will cost you to switch (if anything), you can begin to look at broadband deals in your area. By doing this, you’ll be able to see not only what providers are available in your area, but also exactly how much money you could save by moving away from BT broadband. In some instances, you may find that the savings are much higher than the amount you’ll pay out in an early exit fee. 

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How to cancel BT broadband

How to cancel BT broadband

If you’re looking to cancel your BT broadband contract, it’s much simpler than you’d expect.

To cancel your BT broadband contract, call BT on 0800 783 1401. Or if you are outside the ***, call +44 150 174 7714.

BT’s phone opening hours are: 

Monday to Friday – 8 am to 9 pm 

Saturday – 8 am to 8 pm

Sunday – 9 am to 6 pm

You need to provide BT with 30 days’ notice before you leave. So, your BT broadband will be disconnected 30 days after you call the company and cancel your service. Make sure to take this into consideration not only when you choose to cancel your BT contract, but also when you are deciding when your new broadband deal should begin.

If your circumstances are more difficult, it’s also advisable to call BT on the number above:

  • If you’re moving home
  • If you’re facing critical illness
  • If you’re facing cost of living concerns

How to cancel BT broadband due to a bereavement

If you’re cancelling due to bereavement, you can notify BT online using their

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, or by phone by calling 0800 169 1663. You’ll need the account holder’s name, date of birth and address if you are calling, or their account number and BT telephone number if you are using the contact form. BT also adds that it’s useful to have their latest bill in case they need other information, such as their account number or last bill amount. 

Opening hours to call BT are:

Monday to Friday – 8 am to 9 pm

Saturday – 8 am to 8 pm 

Sunday – 9 am to 6 pm

(Image credit: BT)

Cancel your BT broadband: frequently asked questions

To help cover all bases here, we’ve answered a few other common questions consumers tend to have about cancelling their BT broadband.

Will I need to pay early cancellation fees if I cancel my BT contract?

If you leave your BT contract before the earliest agreed date, you’ll need to pay what BT calls an ‘early termination fee’. The end of your minimum contract ******* is usually 12, 18 or 24 months from the date your service began. 

So, for example, let’s say you took out BT’s popular Full Fibre 100 package on a 24-month deal and you’re thinking of switching providers even though you’ve only had the service for 18 months. 

In this scenario, you’ll need to pay an early termination fee because there’s six months of your contract left to run. However, if you wait for another six months, your contract will end and you’ll be able to leave without paying a penalty at all. 

How much will I need to pay to leave my BT broadband deal early?

This depends on how long you have left on your contract. 

Generally speaking, BT says that the fee you need to pay for leaving your contract early is the same as the amount that you owe on your contract. For example, if your broadband costs £35 per month and you have four months remaining, you’d need to pay £140 to be released from your contract. 

However, the reality is different. This is because, from this sum, the company will subtract the costs they save as the result of you leaving early plus 1% for early payment. Added to this, there are several other slight differences relating to VAT. Here’s an example of exactly how the process works… 

As above, you pay £35 per month for your broadband and you have four months of your initial commitment remaining. This means you owe £140. 

The company then takes off the VAT, reducing your fee to £116.67. They then take off the costs they save (approximately £15 per month), leaving £56.67. This is then discounted by 1% for early receipt, making the fee £56.10.

Finally, VAT is added back on. This makes the final early termination fee £67.32.

Of course, these sums can be quite complex. If you’re unsure exactly how much you’ll need to pay in early repayment fees, the best way of finding out is to call the company and ask them directly. 

What is the ‘cooling off *******’ for BT broadband?

BT’s cooling off ******* lasts for 14 days. This means that, if your service started within the last 14 days (or if you’ve signed up but it hasn’t started yet), you can cancel free of charge. 

Can I switch to a new provider without telling BT?

In some circumstances, yes. If you’ve found a new deal with a provider that also uses the Openreach network, then it’s very quick and easy to switch. All you’ll need to do is sign up to a new plan and choose an installation date. Your new provider will handle the rest, including getting in touch with BT to arrange the move.

However, if you’re instead switching to ******* Media’s cable broadband or an independent full fibre provider, like Hyperoptic, you’ll need to contact BT yourself. 

Do I need to return my Wi-Fi router?

Yes. If you fail to return your Wi-Fi router then you’ll be charged up to £50. BT should supply packaging to send back the equipment. If not, you can also drop it off at a BT or EE high street store.

Can I cancel my BT broadband contract for free if it’s too slow?

Yes. BT is signed up to the Ofcom 

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. This means that you may be able to end your contract without paying an early penalty fee if your broadband is too slow. 

However, you cannot simply cancel your contract for this reason. Instead, you must give BT the opportunity to investigate and fix the issue. 

Finding a new broadband provider

How to find a new broadband provider

As well as using our guide to the best broadband deals, we can also help you find a new broadband provider if you’re looking to cancel your BT broadband with our widget below.

To use it, you just need to enter your postcode into it and we’ll be able to bring up all the latest and top deals you’ll be able to get in your location at that moment in time.


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