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SHARE Aion-Core v4.7.5.x Full Source NO LICENSE SYSTEM


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Aion-Core v4.7.5.x Full Source NO LICENSE SYSTEM
By GiGatR00n

Today, I've decided to open my Aion-Core Full Source to the world. WHY? cuz Aion Developer Community is really dead and No one interested to develop anymore and all just wait for others to make/implement some new features and STEAL IT. So the Aion Project is over for me and I'll return to better game communities with Pro Coders such as Call of Duty Series, BattleField3-4 Series, ...

Note: I implemented Full Commercial Licensing System (Client/Server) for Aion-Core Community for protecting my works but NOW I REMOVED IT and This is my Full Source with all features v4.7.5.x (NO LICENSE SYSTEM)


Here is some of new features Implemented by @GiGatR00n:

1. Fully Source Clean-up which makes it 3x faster than before

Now /ping is zero


This is the hidden content, please
is fully implemented:



1). All Instance features and Mobs are fully coded and working retail like.
2). Full Drop Items (Kunax ArmorSet, WeaponSet, Accessories)
3). Boss Skills (Ide Scale, Aggressive Shot, Slaughtering Cleave, Cleaving Massacre, Howl of Emptiness, Fierce Roar (Full), ...)
4). Mobs Skills (Attack Skills vs. Heal and Rage Skills) even more accurate than NCSoft System
5). Instance BUFFs (Resurrection)
6). Environment Factors + Skills (Unstable Ide Energy, Ide Explosion, ...)
7). ShallowWater fully coded using new mathematics formula (It more accurate than NCSoft)
8). New AI System for controlling Boss and Mobs
9). New Tribe "Invulnerable" for Creatures
10). Chests (Aether Bomb, Freeze Bomb, Defensive Scroll)
11). Rewards (AbyssPoints, GloryPoints, Boxes, ...) with Config for each of them
12). Anti-Cheat System for Emulating Packets and getting more rewards (No one can trick to system)
13). All Hidden NPCs fully coded and implemented as Retail.
14). any much more ...

3. Fully Implemented Broker System v4.7.5.x

1). Config file: "broker.properties"
2). All Packets Fully Implemented
3). New Selling System Implemented
SellAll SellSplit 4). New Selling Hours Implemented
5). MySQL DB Updated to Cover New Selling System (New Field Added)
6). Broker Config Implemented for Admins (Expired Period, Anti-Hack Punishment, ...)
7). Fixed settle_time for Broker Items
8). Buy/Sell/Search/ExpiredItems/SetteledAccount

4. Hotspot Teleport Service + Config files

1). Config file: "custom.properties"


# ---------------------------------------------
# HOTSPOT TELEPORT (By GiGatR00n v4.7.5.x)
# ---------------------------------------------
# Set the Teleportation Delay in Milliseconds
gameserver.hotspot.teleport.delay = 10000
# Set Teleportation Cooldown Time in Seconds
gameserver.hotspot.teleport.cooldown.delay = 600


2). Observer to verify whether the player is in Action(Move, UseSkill, Die, Attacked,...) while Teleporting? if so, Cancel Teleportation

5. Full Implemented Multi Return Scrolls v4.7.5.x

1). Config file: "ReturnScrolls.properties"
2). Added Full Parser + Source for Scrolls (It can be used for other XML files too)

6. Fully implemented "Invulnerable" Tribe (Even in Skills)

7. Updated SM_ATTACK for all new v4.7.5 to v4.8 Instances

Now all two way Bosses/Monsters can attack both <Ground> and <onAir> Units
from v4.7.x.x Bosses like <Destroyer's Kunax> have Two types of AutoAttack

8. 95% full npc_trade_list.xml (Reparsed and Reworked)

9. Fully Updated "MathUtil Class" to handle new features of v4.7.5.x Instances like ShallowWatter, Poisons, ...

Idian Depths, Idgel Dome, Danuar Reliquary, ... have these types of hidden NPCs and now we can handle all of them

10. Fixed Base Flag Checking to prevent attackers to capture the same base

Fixed and Updated Tribe Relation Service that caused Monsters attack each other wrongly
Added new NpcType (Invulnerable) for packet SM_NPC_INFO that implemented in v4.7.5 (Used in IdgelDome and Pangea Siege)
Fixed Base Flag Checking to prevent attackers to capture same base

11. Fully Updated .support and //ticket Admin/Player Commands

Syntax: .ticket "Your Issue"
Syntax: //ticket <accept | peek>
From: GiGatR00n:65:ELYOS:gladiator
this is first test of support system

12. Implemented GarbageCollector Service to free unused heap memory (Useful when running GameServer for long period)

Enable/Disable using gameserver.properties
Default, Every 5-Minutes Optimization Process will be launched

13. Updated GarbageCollector for handling AdminCommand //reload config

14. Implemented in-Game Admin Symbols (for the first time without any Limitation)

You can change any combination you want
Even Members VIP/Premium can have double symbols
from \uE000 to \uE0CE you can add symbols

e.g. Crown: \uE0BD, Wings: \uE042 \uE043

\uE0BD \uE042 Admin \uE043 %s \uE0BD
\uE06F \uE042 Supporter \uE043 %s \uE06F
\uE04E \uE042 Junior-GM \uE043 %s \uE04E

15. All Weather Tables v4.7.5.x (Danuar Mysticarium, Unity Training Grounds, Legion's Danuar Mysticarium, Idgel Storage)

Updated Many NPCs Shouts such as (IDCT_Boss_ArchPriest_Hard, IDCT_Boss_DeathKnight_Hard, IDCT_Boss_ElementalFire_Hard, IDCT_Boss_Shulack_Hard,

IDCTH_Boss_StatueDrakan, IDCTH_Rudra)
Added Many Decomposable Items

16. In-Game Packets Sniffing (Show CM/SM Packets Name + Hex-Bytes in Chat Window)

1). Its Usage:


- Finding Missing Bytes
- Analyzing when CM/SM Packets sent/received
- Reordering CM/SM Packets
- Reconstructing Packets
- Filtering Packets eg. SM_MOVE, CM_CASTSPELL, CM_ATTACK


2). Config file: "developer.properties"


# ------------------------------
# Packets Proccessing Settings
# (By GiGatR00n v4.7.5.x)
# ------------------------------
# Display Packets Name for Developers only (Only Console Window)
# Default: false
gameserver.developer.showpackets.enable = false

# Display Packets Name or Hex-Bytes in Chat Window
# Default: false
gameserver.developer.show.packetnames.inchat.enable = false
gameserver.developer.show.packetbytes.inchat.enable = false

# Total Packet Bytes should be shown in Chat Window?
# Default: 200-Hexed bytes
gameserver.developer.show.packetbytes.inchat.total = 200

# Filters which Packets should be shown in Chat Windows?
# Default: * (All Packets Shown)
gameserver.developer.filter.packets.inchat = *

# if the Player Access Level is meet, display Packets-Name or Hex-Bytes in Chat Window
# Tip: Player Access-Level higher than 3 is recommended
# 10 - Server-Owner
# 9 - Server-CoOwner
# 8 - Root-Admin L3
# 7 - Root-Admin L2
# 6 - Root-Admin L1
# 5 - Admin
# 4 - Head-GM
# 3 - GM
# 2 - Jr.-GM
# 1 - Supporter
# 0 - Players
gameserver.developer.show.packets.inchat.accesslevel = 3

17. 100% full Gatherable_Templates.xml (Reparsed and Reworked)

18. Fixed Buy_Trade_in_Trade for Kaisinel & Other Shops

Updated CM_BUY_TRADE_IN_TRADE + Services to be able to purchase different kind of items
Added Anti-Cheat System to Prevent Client Hack
Fixed some missing parts on Game Server

19. Fully Updated Tuning Items that cuz Client-Crash after Right-Click

20. Updated pets.xml to (but need to implement MERCHANT, BUFF type)

Added Normal Pets (Ailu Claw, Cheering Dandi, Tiamat Whelp, Bottlenose Tion, Red Bulldozer of Glory)
Added MERCHANT, BUFF Pets (Squeeble, Pinkybell, Shu-Ghost, Royal Kitter, Kennercan)

21. Many Quests got fixed

22. Fully Added Plume Stat (Attack|MagicBoost + HP Boosts)

Added Opcodes too

23. Fixed Character Deletion.

Fixed and Updated Packets SM_CHARACTER_LIST & AccountService
Fixed Relog for Deletion Chars
Fixed Java Data Types Conversion Bug

24. Added new config for "Regular, Premium, VIP" within membership.properties & gameserver.properties

25. Fully Added "Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing"

26. Fully Added Opcodes, Protocols, XML Tags for decomposable_selectitems.xml to v4.7.5.x

27. Updated Server Game Time Bug to v4.7.5.x

28. Fully Updated skill_templates.xml to v4.7.5.x (90% All Skils got fixed/added)

29. Fully Updated item_random_bonuses.xml to v4.7.5.x

30. Fully Updated item_random_bonuses.xml to v4.7.5.x

31. Fully Updated recipe_templates.xml to v4.7.5.x

32. Fully Updated flypath_template.xml, npc_teleporter.xml to v4.7.5.x

33. Fully Updated polymorph_panels.xml to v4.7.5.x

34. Fully Fixed Item Remodel Service v4.7.5.x

Opcodes Changed

35. Fully Updated instance_cooltimes.xml to v4.7.5.x

36. Fully Updated world_maps.xml to v4.7.5.x

37. Fully Implemented Skill's Animations v4.7.5.x

38. Many Opcodes got updated to v4.7.5.x

and so on

The last Words:
If you're really Pro Coder (Java & C++) and want to assist me, Call me on skype: GiGatR00n


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Thanks making mirrors
MEGA.co.nz mirror -

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Compiled GameServer + LoginServer + ChatServer + NoIP + HeidiSQL and also Step by Step Tutorial to make GameServer Startup



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