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SHARE [Release] ENGLISH PowerWeb 3.0 - Updated for 4.7.5 server files


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Hi all!

I've translated the Russian PowerWeb 3.0 files into full English, and made a few adjustments too. These files work 100% using fdswesley's 4.7.5 release.


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does not have up-to-date XML item listings, and I have been unable to find any other up-to-date source offering XML syndication. Because of this, adding items to the webshop that are not in their listings will return an error. Until they rectify this (if they do), this will remain the case as it is not within my control. Please check their website search for your intended webshop item before posting for assistance regarding this matter.


- Translated everything to English (obviously), !

- Changed the admin mailing system to send mail with only kinah attached (optional). The release would not attach items to mail properly, so this functionality has been removed.

- Changed the admin mailing system to not require the kinah item ID to send. Now you just put an amount in the correct box, and it sends it via mail to the recipient!

- Fixed PHP files looking at the wrong database table columns.

- Fixed character experience displaying incorrect levels.

- Added full titles, up-to-date as of 4.7.5 server files (all 286!). Some event titles have text effects for displaying in your profile with a bit of flair and personality.

- Made player equipment tool-tips refer to the English AionDB for items (
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Map titles patch contents:


- Updated map titles. These were pulled from the server files, so some are 'coded', for example: 'LF5_Ship'.

- Changed 'Elyosian' to be 'Elyos' to match the game.

- Changed Abyss ranks to sound less class-specific, for example, 'Tier 9 Warrior' was default, it is now 'Tier 9 Abyssal Fighter'.

Fixed classes patch contents:


- Added Technist, Aethertech, Gunslinger, Muse, Songweaver classes.

- Created similarly-styled icons for the above missing classes, as they were not supported in PowerWeb 3.0 (hopefully they're correct, I couldn't source a Muse icon so it shares the Songweaver icon).

- Refined the Online Players display in main.php to save website height. It now displays as : Players online: X (x/x), where the x/x is Elyos/Asmodian (this is labelled in the header for the Online Players section to prevent confusion).

Download link -

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Map titles patch -
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Fixed classes patch -
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