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- Required:

  • .NET 3.5 :
    This is the hidden content, please
    (included from 1.1)
  • Fix for windowsXp (fixed from 1.1) :
    This is the hidden content, please

1.4 (14/01/2014)

  • The game checker is now disabled by default
    (can be re-enabled by selecting another version of game)
  • Minor update & debug some code
  • Last Upload from
    This is the hidden content, please
  • Happy New year

1.3 (01/08/2013):

  • New verification method to update (MD5)
  • Multi game version patcher (details explained at the topic bottom)
  • Can now disable the game checker (manually)
  • Optmization code for the updater
  • Debug some code..

1.2 (29/06/2013):

  • Space significantly reduced
  • Automatic downloader for update
  • Optimization code

1.1 (22/06/2013):

  • Added support for multi languages
  • Stability is improved
  • Fix bugs (ui)

1.0 (05/03/2013):

  • Added Settings Menu
  • Stability is improved
  • Start speed is also improved
  • Font and launcher version check is incompatible again on winXP

0.9.9 (01/03/2013):

  • Extremely easy to install ! (All-in-one)
  • Launcher Version checker (only for vista+)
  • All fixes are included
  • Cliping is improved
  • Very unstable on WindowsXP (Missing libraries, incompatibilities...)

0.9.8 (27/02/2013):

  • More easily to use
  • Custom Config work, you can now directly launch the binaries !
  • Start speed improved for the banner news
  • Also, the speed of the application has been improved

0.9.6 (25/02/2013):

  • New UI
  • Speed start improved
  • Stability may change(web loader)
  • No custom config file

0.9.2 (22/02/2013):

  • Improve verification of client version
  • Correct some exceptions..

- Features:

  • Works with all ip/dns Done
  • Auto updater Done
  • Language support Done
  • Completly redrew UI Done
  • Custom user configuration file Done
  • Custom web banner ui Done
  • Settings Menu Done
  • Fast and stable Seems to be great

- Links:

- Notes:
For those who want to edit the source, don't forget to add dlls manually in the Project (Because it uses the absolute path).

- For Multi version patcher

In your web directory you must have the zip package with the name of their respectively version.
The path should point to the directory where you have stored the patches.



Note: the bin32.zip is the default patch in options
(there is no any more bin32.zip since 1.4)

All credits are from me and the U3J community

This program has been entirely coded in CSharp
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