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SHARE Dwarfpickers Easy AionU3jEmu Repack 0.0.4 [Aion 3.0/3.1]


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Dwarfpickers Easy AionU3jEmu Repack 0.0.4 [Aion 3.0/3.1]


After a long time trying different Cores I decided to make a new EasyEmu for Aion 3.0/3.1

Its build on Novos EasyAionEmu, with a new SVN and a new Core!

Credits go to:


Dwarfpicker @

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(c)2012 - 2013
Novo @
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(c)2011 - 2012
AionCore Dev Team @ aioncore.com
AionUniqueEmu Dev Team @ aion-unique.com
AionLightning Dev Team @ aion-lightning.org
aionXemu Dev Team @ aionxemu.com
OpenAionXemu Dev Team @ open-aion.org
AionGalaxyEmu Dev Team @ aiongemu.com
Aion U3J Dev Team @ u3j-aion.united-extreme.com

You are ALLOWED to spread / post /copy / translate this tutorial!

24th November 2012:

- Updated EasyRepack to:
U3j Aion Emu; changelog @

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Aion client version 3.0/3.1 Support
New Areas (Sarpan/Tiamaranta/Oriel/Pernon) (Still in progress but working)
New Instances (Aturam/Ladis/Dorgel/Tahmes/Muada...) (Still in progress but working)
New Mounts
New Emotes
New Events
New Items and Skills

Still lots of bugs...

- Use new GM Commands / Teleport IDs from the List (in folder "Tools")
- And much more, find out or read the SVN Changesets online!

! Don't forget: !

You NEED to copy fyyre's "d3d8thk.dll" from "\Tools\Aion Launcher\Disable Login IP Check fix" to "Aion\bin32\" FOR LOGIN FIX !!

! Don't forget: !


To Start AION on localhost, make a start.bat file with notepad and write:

@echo off
echo Starting Aion ...

if exist L10N\DEU\DEU.pak (
start bin32\aion.bin -ip: -port:2106 -cc:1 -lang:deu -noweb -nokicks -ncg -noauthgg -ls -charnamemenu -ingameshop -DEVMODE "con_disable_console 0" -DEVMODE "g_chatlog 1" -DEVMODE "g_auto_disconnect 0"
) else if exist L10N\ENG\ENG.pak (
start bin32\aion.bin -ip: -port:2106 -cc:1 -lang:eng -noweb -nokicks -ncg -noauthgg -ls -charnamemenu -ingameshop -DEVMODE "con_disable_console 0" -DEVMODE "g_chatlog 1" -DEVMODE "g_auto_disconnect 0"
) else if exist L10N\FRA\FRA.pak (
start bin32\aion.bin -ip: -port:2106 -cc:2 -lang:fra -noweb -nokicks -ncg -noauthgg -ls -charnamemenu -ingameshop -DEVMODE "con_disable_console 0" -DEVMODE "g_chatlog 1" -DEVMODE "g_auto_disconnect 0"
) else if exist L10N\RUS\RUS.pak (
start bin32\aion.bin -ip: -port:2106 -cc:7 -lang:rus -noweb -nokicks -ncg -noauthgg -ls -charnamemenu -ingameshop -DEVMODE "con_disable_console 0" -DEVMODE "g_chatlog 1" -DEVMODE "g_auto_disconnect 0"
) else (
echo Aion folder not found or unsupported language.

and put it into your Aion Main Folder!



Tutorial HowTo download, compile and start and the AionEmu Emulator:

download and unpack "Dwarfpickers_Easy_AionU3jEmu_Repack_0.0.4.rar"

To start the Server, just click on: "Start AIONEmulator.bat"
If the Server is not installed (first run), it will start a first installation routine.

Create an Account:
Automatic account creation with client

If you want to be "Admin/GM":
log out, open Navicat, open the "aj_login" Database and look for
your Account the table "account_data".
Set the "access_level" column of your Account to "5" for admin
Relog your character to take effect.
(Database Login: User: root - Password: aion - Port: 3316)

!!! FINISH !!!

To Start the Server, do Step 2.
To update the Server by yourself,
go into the folder "SVN AIONEmu Source" and click on "1. SVN Update Source.bat" and follow all steps.
Warning: All existing character / Accounts from the Database get lost!
Backup of the old Database get saved in the folder "Database Installer".

Go to the folder "Dwarfpickers_Easy_AionU3jEmu_Repack\AIONEmulator\gameserver\config\"
Open the "default.config" with Notepad.(or matching file...)
Set other Options if you want, like: Rates, Drops, Skill AutoLearn, and so on.

Make the Aion Server public:
Edit the file "ipconfig.xml" of "Dwarfpickers_Easy_AionU3jEmu_Repack\AIONEmulator\gameserver\config" with notepad:

<ipconfig default="">

# If you want to connect from an other computer (make it public)
# then change the IP to your IP from "http://whatismyip.com/"
# now open the Ports 7777, 2106, 8096 (TCP)


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