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SHARE [Server] Aion X Emu rev.326; GS rev.328 (updated)


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Aion X Emu
Aion Server Emulator
(for use with client version 2.1.0.x)

This is the Aion emulator being worked on by the Aion X Emu team and community, as well as various outsiders working on other emulators.

This release is unmodified from the source found on Aion X emu's
This is the hidden content, please
source page. This is simply a compile for those that want the latest revision. I'm not taking ANY credit for this (not even as a compile since anyone can do it but most people won't), so credit goes to all the authors in the source code itself.

Updated to rev.326 on 06/23/2011
GameServer updated to rev.328 on 06/24/2011


This is the hidden content, please
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Changes (authors belong to aionxemu community):
This is the hidden content, please


For a complete list of changes, check here (up to rev.328)
This is the hidden content, please

I'll keep this updated as much as possible with the latest revisions and a 2.5 release when the team has it ready. Other than that, enjoy!

Certain revisions are for the development of the 2.5 server only. Those revisions are NOT included as they are being heavily developed and tested! If you wish to test the unfinished 2.5 server files, you'll have to download the source and compile it yourself.
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