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PROJECT Aion Java Free Emulator [SVN]


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Please Remember this is nothing to do with me. Just passing on some good information.



Aion Java Free


Welcome to our emulator. Our team wants to provide a space where together we work on making the best emulator (OPEN SOURCE) Aion Online.

First of all, we would like to announce that this emulator is different like others, still open to the public, without a possible way to be close for ever or be Closed Source.

- VKCode
- Osiris087

Dev Leader:
-Saved for best Developer

Dev Team:

SVN Repository (Open Source)
based on (Aion-Core Extreme last open revision).

Refactored by us a little.

Launcher Parameters 2.5

start bin32\aion.bin -ip:xxx -port:2106 -cc:1 -noauthgg -ls -charnamemenu -ncg -ingameshop -lang:enu -noweb -DEVMODE "con_disable_console = 0" -DEVMODE "g_freefly 1"

Thanks and credits goes to

Welcome to our Project. Some "Powered by" images...




Dont use Java 7, we actually only support java 6


Basics (Based on Aion-Core Extreme - Open Aion - ZettaCore)

• Full Aion client version (Soon 2.6)
• Many Quest fixes!
• Windstream works!
• Day/Night Spawns.
• Broker.
• Characters creation.
• Player cube expansion (inventory), warehouse.
• Items support, equipements, potions, food
• Exping and level up is possible.
• Player stats.
• Monsters move and attack normally (Basic AI).
• Merchant npc sale & buy items, shops 100%.
• IngameShop (Korea)
• Drop and loot system from monsters.
• Normal & Flight Teleport.
• Trade between players.
• Player class change.
• Player pvp system.
• Player vs Player (pvp) in the Abyss.
• Player duel system.
• Players friend system.
• Npc titles.
• Other npcs <> players interaction.
• Npc Movement and walking
• Spawn protection
• Different skill types: (hundreds of skills working correctly)
• Items stats attributes, attack, defense, etc.
• Quests engine with campaign quests, group drop distribution for quests
• Skillbooks
• Advanced Configurable Stigma system
• Group system
• Manastone socketing and bonuses 
• Enchant System
• Plastic Surgery Ticket
• Gender Switch Ticket
• Name Change Ticket
• Partial Plastic Surgery Item Exchange Coupon
• Rifts and rift announcements
• Instances support
• Personal warehouses.
• Account warehouses.
• Legion system with many advanced features
• Alliances
• Gathering process and gather skill level up
• Crafting support
• Godstone socketing and effects
• Items Remodeling
• Fusion of Weapons 
• Proper damage formulas.
• Dual Wielding
• Private shops
• Flying timer, correct gliding
• Zone manager with drowning/breath area
• Item set bonuses
• Basic npc skills support
• Fortress works
• Fortress Instances works
• Artifacts spawned correctly 
• Shields implemented for the forts in the abyss.
• Siege Scheduler (with 3 settings)
• PvP Map and Instance 


• AionJFree Custom PVP
• Motions (Ninja & Levitation 100%)
• Shop in-game (157 items with Categories)
• Custom Drop & Spawn Service...

Website :

This is the hidden content, please

Changelog :
This is the hidden content, please

Source :
This is the hidden content, please

Precompiled : Rev 15:
This is the hidden content, please

Please do not insult or flame, Im not into Aion just passing the message,

And do a few people who will insult. get off your high horse. i dont give a crap if they did take some source. dont take other peoples work and sell it off. and Aion or any repack for any game will never be 100% correctly working. NEVER.

Anyway Enjoy guys!

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