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L2Garnet Classic

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Birth of a new character
A new character spawns in the basement of Ivory Tower. There, you can buff yourself 
via AIO buffer and then teleport to a low level zone for xp. A new character starts 
with full no grade gear and a newbie supply box.
AIO npc Buffer
There are AIO npc Buffers spawned in every town. The buffs’ duration is 1hour and 
are free of charge. The only buffs that are not included in the list are summoner’s 
buffs, third class dances, third class songs, Noblesse Blessing and resists. [Can be obtained throught Voting]. 
Class transfer
When you hit level  20, 40 and 76, you can seek for the Class Changer Carola in Aden 
or Castle Town  in order to perform your 1st , 2nd
 and 3rd class change. 
There are no further quests required.
Boosted Buffers and Summoners
In order to boost Prophets, Bladedancers and Swordsingers for PvP action and 
Olympiad games, they have been given special self-buffs. All of these classes are 
gifted with higher level buffs which they can be casted on themselves only. Also, 
summoner classes are boosted since they can buff their pets with more than usual 
servitor’s buffs 
There are 4 main custom shops in the server where you can buy the following items:
1) Harvana (Misc Shop): Consumables
2) Albert (Weapon Shop): D, C, B and A grade weapons
3) Meredion (Armor Shop): D, C and B grade armor and jewels
4) Wilbrand (Mantra Manager): A/S armor, S grade weapons and more 
Event Shop
Event Shop Dianne can either be found in Aden Castle Town or Giran. You 
can buy several useful items in exchange for Vote Coins or Event Medals.  Via 
Event Shop Dianne you can have access to the following items:
1) Blessed Enchants
2) Books of Giants
3) Common and Custom Accessories
and many more 
Weapons’ Special Abilities
The Special Abilities (SA) for every C, B and A grade weapons can be bestowed by 
Mantra Manager Wilbrand in exchange for some animal bones, water mantras or wind 
mantras respectively. 
SA on S grade weapons can be bestowed through craft, so you will need a high level 
Dwarf crafter (Warsmith class). All S grade recipes are dropped in Varka Silenos 
Outpost, Elven Fortress, Elven Ruins and Imperial Tomb. Also, random S grade 
weapons with random SA can be dropped from Raid Bosses.
There is only 1 exception. The SA for Forgotten Blade duals can be bestowed by 
Mantra Manager in exchange for Forgotten Blade, 1 craftsman mold (craftable item) 
and 100 Fire Mantras 
When you reach level 76, you can perform your first rebirth via Rebirth Manager. 
Once you perform a rebirth, your character will be deleveled to level 40 and you will 
obtain a book of rebirth. You can exchange the book of rebirth for a unique accesories  via Rebirth Manager. A character can have 3 rebirths maximum. Remember once 
you have chosen your  rebirth skills, you can anytime change your mind and choose 
your rebirths once again. 
Noblesse system
Once you have performed 3 rebirths, you need to collect a set of four crowns from the 
following Raid Bosses:
1) Death Lord Hallate (Black Crown)
2) Kernon (Gold Crown)
3) Longhorn Golkonda (Red Crown)
4) Shilen’s Messenger Cabrio (Silver Crown) 
Once you’ve collected all the crowns and your character is at level 76, you can talk to 
the Noblesse Manager Eddy Wally, located in Aden Castle Town
and become a Noblesse.
Crown Raids Bosses’ respawn time is every 12 (±2) hours and have 1 spot
Spawn spot:
Giants Cave
Unique L2Garnet weapons and shields
L2Garnet weapons are S grade weapons with a unique SA. There are also three unique 
L2Garnet shields. Both of them can be dropped only by Raid Bosses. Remember you 
can check the possible drops of any Raid Boss by pressing Shift+left click. Find 
bellow more details regarding L2Garnet items.
Crokian blade*Crokian blade: Increases Critical Attack by 95 and Accuracy by 6
Doll knife*Doll knife <-Daggers: Increases Atk. speed by 7% and Accuracy by 6
Crokian Blade: Increases Atk. speed by 7% and Accuracy by 6
Sword of Apostle: Increases Accuracy by 6 and maximum HP by 25%
Mage weapons
Lady’s Fan: Increases Casting Spd. by 17.5%
Dusk Staff: Increases Casting Spd. by 17.5%
Dusk Sword: Increases M. Atk. by 15%
Dreadbane: 360° hit rate, increases hit number from 4 to 8 and Accuracy by 6
Axe of Ketra: Increases Accuracy by 6 and P. Atk. by 265 during a critical attack
Doll Knife: Increases Critical Attack by 95 and P. Atk. by 265 during a critical attack
Giant Trident: Increases Evasion by 3 and P. Atk. by 265 during a critical attack
2-Handed Sword
Sword of Vampire: Increases Critical Attack by 95 and maximum HP by 25%
Cudgel: Increases Critical Attack by 95 and Atk. speed by 7%
Bow of Halisha: Increases Critical Attack by 95 and Accuracy by 6
Shield of Reflect: Reflect magic debuffs and shield damage reflect
Shield of Evasion: No evasion penalty and Speed +7
Dusk Shield: Bow resistance 
Ancient L2Garnet weapons
Ancient L2Garnet weapons can be obtained through refining the normal ones. 
Unique L2Garnet Jewels
L2Garnet Jewels are S grade Jewels which provide unique bonuses. They can be 
dropped by specific Raid Bosses. Remember you can check the possible drops of any 
Raid Boss by pressing Shift+left click. Find bellow the bonuses of L2Garnet Jewels:
 Earring of Garacsia: MP +31, +10% bow resistance and +7 speed
 Earring of Ipos: MP +31, +10% dagger resistance and +7 speed
 Earring of Kandra: MP +31, +20% wind resistance and +7 speed
 Earring of Von Helman: MP +31, +20% dark resistance and +7 speed
 Earring of Vermilion: MP +31, +20% fire resistance and +7 speed
 Earring of Falston: MP +31, +20% water resistance and +7 speed
 Ring of Horuth: MP +21 and +10% P.Def.
 Ring of Mos: MP +21 and +10% M.Def.
 Ring of Shadith: MP +21 and 500% HP regen
 Ring of Tayr: MP +21 and +100 Bow Range
 Necklace of Hekaton: MP +42 and +15% max CP
 Necklace of Brakki: MP +42 and +60% resistance to most of the debuffs
 Necklace of Naga: MP +42 and +15% max HP

Refining S grade armors/jewels
Any S grade armor can be refined via Mantra Manager Wilbrand. S grade armors and 
Tateossian jewels start at 55% and they can both be upgraded all the way up to 100% 
in order to gain extra P.def or M.def. Once your armor reach 100%, you can transform 
it into Apella and gain extra stats (Jewels cannot be further refined). In addition, 
Apella armors start at 55% and can be upgraded up to 100% too. Then, you can 
transform your Apella into Dynasty Armor (which can also be refined up to 100%). 
Refining Epic Jewels (Core and Orfen)
There is an option to refine Ring of Core and Earring
of Orfen via Mantra Manager Wilbert. If you have two 
Rings of Core, you can combine them and receive an 
Enchanted Ring of Core. Then, you can combine two 
Enchanted Rings of Core in order to create a Refined 
Ring of Core (4 Rings of Core in total). The same 
procedure can be applied to Earring of Orfen, in order 
to create Enchanted Earring of Orfen or Refined 
Earring of Orfen. In this case, the enchantment of the
ring/earring will be reset, so do not enchant those epic
jewels before refining. 

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