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Craft PVP - Progressive Server
Chronicles: Lineage 2 - Gracia Part 2(CT2.2)
Retail status
Posibility dispel buffs through alt+click
copy+paste in chat
Server Time: GMT -3
Augument: NG SKILL: 1% | MID SKILL: 2% | HIGH SKILL: 5% | TOP SKILL: 7%
Automatic Donater's in Shop Web site
Teleportation free for all Towns. Gk Global in alt+b
Attribute Enchant: disabled
Epic Bosses: Chaotic Zones
Jobs 20, 40 free and 76 level 300kk Adena
Advanced Cancel: buffs returns after 15 segundos
Tournament Event (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 9x9) 12:00 | 15:45 | 22:15 (GMT -3)
Team vs Team | Caravan of Contrabandists | Capture The Flag | Monster Attack | Death Match | Treasure Hunt

Client & Party

Max Clients/HWID: 2
Party Limit: 9 Players (Limit: 1 Healer only)


Dynamics Rates (EXP / SP)

• Level 1-40: 100x
• Level 41-45: 50x
• Level 46-48: 40x
• Level 49-51: 35x
• Level 52-55: 25x
• Level 56-60: 22x
• Level 61-70: 20x
• Level 71-74: 19x
• Level 75-78: 18x
• Level 79-81: 8x
• Level 82-83: 7x
• Level 84: 5x
• Level 85: 4x


Economy Rates

• Adena: 35x
• Drop: 1.3x
• Spoil: 3x
• Quest: 1x + Dynamic
• Epaulettes: 1x
• Fame: 1x + Dynamic
• Manor: 1x
• Raid Boss: 2x + Dynamic


Voice Commands

.menu - Opens the Menu panel.
/time - Displays the current server time and real time of dedicated in game
.expon - Enables experience gain.
.expoff - Disables experience gain.
.offline - Initiates offline shop or buff shop mode.
.sellbuffs - Starts the buff shop.
.autoloot - Activates auto item pickup.
.away - Activates away mode.
.premium - Checks for premium status within a party.
.dressme - Access in-game skins.
.promo - Enter a code for bonus rewards.
.relog - Quick restart.
.repair - Repairs the character.
shift+click - View monster stats and drops, or view player stats.
.vote - Vote for the server to earn voting coins.
.autofarm - Starts auto farming mode (free).
.daily - Receive a gift every day.
.missions - Access daily, weekly, and monthly missions.

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