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MarketMuse review: Users of all sizes should consider this SEO optimization tool

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MarketMuse review: Users of all sizes should consider this SEO optimization tool

SEO optimization, also called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), involves enhancing both the quality and quantity of website traffic, from search engines to websites or web pages. This practice encompasses techniques to improve the visibility and ranking of content in organic search results.

Artificial intelligence has significantly simplified the process of offering SEO optimization solutions to users. It has facilitated the creation and management of content that is easily discoverable and beneficial for readers, both individuals and businesses.

MarketMuse is an example of a tool that leverages AI to provide objective insights for planning. The effectiveness of this tool in fulfilling its promise is something worth exploring further. Let’s delve into it. 


(Image credit: MarketMuse)

Like tools like Frase, Dashword, Clearscope, and other SEO optimization platforms, MarketMuse supports content creators and marketers in producing top-notch content. This AI-powered tool leverages machine learning algorithms to evaluate content quality, relevance, and depth while enhancing its potential for improved SEO performance.

Utilizing natural language processing capabilities, MarketMuse thoroughly examines a subject. Generates an overview of related topics, keywords, and queries that should be incorporated into the content to enhance its relevance and boost search engine rankings. Doing so offers users an analysis that aids in crafting more thorough and SEO-friendly content. Its seamless integration process also simplifies its incorporation into existing workflows.

As detailed on its website, MarketMuse offerings extend beyond keyword research and content evaluation. This includes access to on-demand inventory technology that enables customers to comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of their online content. Additionally, MarketMuse offers personalized metrics to demonstrate how challenging it may be for a website to rank for keywords. By considering a site’s edge in content creation, MarketMuse delivers a precise assessment of the obstacles one might encounter and the opportunities available for leveraging success.

MarketMuse also provides a measure for determining the authority on a topic, emphasizing its importance in recognizing areas where a company thrives and where improvements are needed. This approach helps craft content that establishes an organization as a trusted source in a field.

Moreover, MarketMuse’s research capabilities extend beyond keyword analysis. Using its topic modeling technology, MarketMuse sifts through pages to pinpoint essential concepts linked to a specific subject. This thorough investigation aids in identifying content deficiencies,, explore keyword suggestions,, and understand how competitors address these subjects. Furthermore, through the MarketMuse content cluster analysis tool, one can assess the depth and breadth of existing content on a topic. This process assists in spotting any gaps or oversights and guides in developing material or enhancing current pages to ensure comprehensive coverage and enhance the impact of the content.

How does Marketmuse use AI?

MarketMuse leverages AI to help content creators produce high-quality content that ranks well in search engines. The platform uses AI-powered algorithms to analyze massive amounts of data and provide insights on content gaps, topics, and suggested keywords. Additionally, MarketMuse offers a content brief that outlines the required topics, subtopics, and keywords for a given piece of content. This feature helps content creators create well-structured and comprehensive content that is optimized for search engines. 

However, it’s important to note that MarketMuse is not a replacement for human expertise. Content creators still play a crucial role in crafting engaging and informative content. The software is designed to assist content creators by automating some of the more tedious and time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on creating quality content. In summary, MarketMuse is a tool that empowers content creators to work more efficiently and produce better content, but it’s the human touch that makes the content truly engaging and valuable.

Installation, setup, and compatibility

To access MarketMuse, all you need is an internet browser. First, you must input details, like your name, email, and a secure password on the company’s website. Once you finish signing up, expect a confirmation email. Next, take some time to navigate through the MarketMuse dashboard. It offers tools for improving pages, researching topics, analyzing competitors, and generating content.

The Inventory feature is a starting point for newcomers to MarketMuse. It assists in identifying opportunities to enhance pages and develop content. Explore insights at the page, site, and search engine results pages (SERPs) to pinpoint areas for enhancement. Additionally, you can ***** into topic research with MarketMuse. Gain insights into search intent and discover queries. Identify content gaps. The platform offers guidance for shaping your content strategy.

Both new and existing users can benefit from the MarketMuse Academy initiative, which offers learning resources, including blog posts and webinars about content strategy courses.

Plans and pricing

(Image credit: MarketMuse)

Based on the MarketMuse pricing summary, the company hopes to attract both individuals and companies. To that end, it offers four different plans: Free, Standard, Team, and Premium. 

The first is a severely limited package that provides ten queries per month for a single user. New users to MarketMuse can try out the service free for seven days. During that time, freebie users will have access to the Standard plan. That plan, priced at $1,500/year when paid annually (or $149 per month), is for one user and includes 100 queries per month, full SERP results, and full results in the company’s Heatmap product, which offers site-level analysis. Standard users also get full results in Topic Navigator, link recommendations, and the ability to export content to

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Word, Excel, or
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Docs. Standard users also receive MarketMuse AI for generative content creation. Unfortunately, you don’t receive content briefings at this level, and you can’t track managed topics. 

For $3,900 per year (or $399 per month), you can purchase a Team plan. This includes everything you get in the Standard plan but for three users, plus unlimited content briefs. A Premium Plan, which you must contact MarketMuse for pricing information, includes everything noted in the premium plans for unlimited members, plus domain analysis, managed topics, and team training. 

All plans require inputting a first and last name, company name, and your website’s domain. Additionally, there are add-ons available, including adding new users, inventory snapshots, and more. 

Final verdict

One of the best things about MarketMuse is that it’s been designed to help individuals and small and large teams. This isn’t always the case with similar products that target individuals or large organizations, but not both. From a product standpoint, there’s much to love about MarketMuse. The AI-based guidance provided by MarketMuse ensures you create in-depth, high-quality content related to your chosen topic. It helps in developing the most comprehensive and authoritative content possible. By increasing the relevance and depth of the content, MarketMuse can dramatically boost the SEO success rate. A well-optimized, high-quality content can naturally rank higher on search engine results pages.

Additionally, with MarketMuse’s ability to recognize related content, users can create a robust, interlinked content strategy. These linked clusters of content can significantly improve your website’s domain authority.

There are a few things to criticize about MarketMuse, however. First, although I have no doubt users of all backgrounds can get started with MarketMuse with relative ease, there’s a huge learning curve to master the platform’s full range of platforms. For this, I’d strongly suggest looking into paid training through MarketMuse. 

It’s important to note that SEO optimization tools like MarketMuse have another significant drawback. They have no control over the dynamic nature of search engine algorithms. This means that even the best tools will be affected if

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changes how it handles searches. As a result, companies like MarketMuse must adjust the data behind their offerings, and end-users will also need to make necessary adjustments. This can be a challenging process for everyone involved.

Overall, MarketMuse is one of the best SEO optimization tools available and worth considering. Take advantage of the free trial to see whether it’s worth the price of admission for you and your website. 

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