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Infinite Lagrange to celebrate Earth Day 2024 with Forest and Ocean Conservation event

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Infinite Lagrange to celebrate Earth Day 2024 with Forest and Ocean Conservation event

  • Infinite Lagrange is set to celebrate Earth Day 2024 with a set of special events
  • Collect new rewards by participating in eco-themed events
  • An exclusive Earth Day pack includes the new Ranger ship blueprints

NetEase’s grand sci-fi space sim Infinite Lagrange is set to mark a much more contemporary issue for Earth Day 2024, set to take place on April 22nd. From April 17th to May 6th, you’ll be able to participate in a variety of eco-themed challenges and events, with special rewards as a result.

First up is the Crux Biosphere Research Park Planting Experiment, set to run from April 29th to May 6th, which will challenge players to manage the lighting, precipitation and temperature of said experiment. Depending on the result, players will earn Ecology points which can be spent on emblems, liveries and other items unique to the Earth Day event.

An exclusive Earth Day pack will also include blueprints for the new Ranger Ship. From April 17th – 23rd, you’ll be able to acquire either the Ranger Comprehensive Warfare Cruiser or the Ranger Heavy Ion Cannon Cruiser to bring the cutting edge to your fleet with these two new powerful cruisers.

Finally, there’s the Warp Bells event, explorers will be called back to the city of Antontas running from April 17th to the 22nd. By participating in the 20,000 New Saplings ****** Conservation Operation you can also earn the Eco Guardian title and a chance to earn limited-time emblems and Proxima Coins.

Back down to Earth

With Earth Day 2024 fast approaching it seems a lot of games see the opportunity to not only celebrate the environmental awareness promoted by the date but also bring players back into the fold with exclusive rewards and more.

Check out some of the other games hosting Earth Day events, like the upcoming Bumi: Next Stop Earth which is releasing on the day itself. Or check out our ongoing, comprehensive list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to see what’s great in the world of gaming!

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