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SHARE [SALVATION] Nude Mod for Lineage 2

Pablo Enrike

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This MOD is for Client SALVATION, it has not been tested on other clients and probably should not even work.

Changes to files occur by analogy with the official update of the game, the game considers the modified files as its own, as this ice and gameguard consider their own files. (until the moment there is a complete scan of the files)
Official protection is absolutely unaffected. The system folder and other parts of the software DO NOT change.

1. Put pather in the root of the game.
2. Run => select package => execute file changes.
(to work the patcher needs Net4.5, but if you play online games, it already exists on the system)

To function correctly, the mod must:
* In the game settings, activate the "GPU animation" option (higher quality 3D models).
* Don't use low quality rendering models (but you can lower the quality of the textures).
* You can use "Improved Shader Effects".
* for greater beauty disable raincoats in the game settings.

+ Kamael removed the tails and wings, the torso model and background fit together without tears;
+ Some 3D models have been changed (sensation!);
+ Artie doesn't have pretty textures, put what he found on a Japanese blog;
+ some set models are redistributed, but not for all races;
- people at a remote distance can see a black stripe, which is not so important;
? maybe some sets have the wrong textures, they will be more developed;
- The White Assassin's set has a curved texture;

LOOK for masters capable of helping with texture design and modeling.
To address topics in forums.

Patcher will probably be one for all future version, only they will have to open new data packages.
In the future I will only post .dat packages for this patcher.

I will answer several questions.
1. Playing outside in the cold? But won't they catch it?
Yes, it's in ru-ofe under frost. Change files is similar to how 4game service does, because your game data files consider it as if they were officially updated, it is logical that Frost consider it theirs.
You will play as usual in the original game.
But with a full scan of the files - it will be updated to the original server from the other.
No means of protection does not determine this, because It does not affect the software part of the game, it does not affect anything that could affect the gameplay.
You can only be asleep if you post a screenshot or stream where you clearly see how you play on the iPhone and have a change in the client.
But still there is a dark question - how to prove that this is an office and not a freeshka with a similar interface, etc.

2. When I press alt + P, some sets are folded.
Correct work is not guaranteed by poor model rendering quality. I wasn't bothered by the miscalculation of reduced quality boats.

3. Can this be squeezed into the old interlude customers?
You can't, very old customer, and many things don't support it. Theoretically, it is possible to adapt, nor is it likely to be involved in it.

p.s. For the paranoid afraid of catching Trojans, loggers, etc.
The patcher can check by all possible means, virustotal, nod32, avira...
I assure you there is nothing in it.
For the more paranoid: you can start it in a virtual machine and feed it systemless game files and frost.
Then replace the fixed files in the working version.

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This is the hidden content, please

Créditos: Howli

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