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Seven Unusual Beauty Treatments That Ancient Women Used (Video)

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Seven Unusual Beauty Treatments That Ancient Women Used (Video)

In the pursuit of beauty, ancient women employed unconventional methods, challenging modern notions of glamour. Foot binding, prevalent in 10th-century China, exemplifies the extremes sought for aesthetic perfection. Despite the agony it caused, foot binding persisted, reflecting societal ideals of femininity and status.

Roman women, aspiring to flawless complexions, resorted to snail-ash mixtures to eradicate freckles, demonstrating a quest for unblemished skin. Lead makeup, notably Cerussa, symbolized aristocratic beauty, despite its known toxicity.

Lipstick, traced back to ancient Mesopotamia and Cleopatra’s era, featured ingredients like crushed beetles for vibrant hues, foreshadowing modern makeup formulations. Meanwhile, crocodile dung, once deemed a luxury, served as a skincare remedy in ancient Egypt and Rome, underscoring the lengths women went for rejuvenation.

Even ***** hygiene wasn’t exempt from peculiarities; Romans used ****** for teeth whitening, while ********* women during the Kofun and Edo periods embraced blackened teeth as a symbol of beauty and maturity.

These historical beauty practices, though unconventional by today’s standards, illuminate ancient perceptions of attractiveness and the enduring quest for aesthetic ideals.

Top image: (Left) Photo shows an Egyptian painted wood mummy portrait of a woman from the Roman *******, circa 2nd or 3rd century AD. (Right) Cinnabar was widely used as a decorative pigment as well as a toxic cosmetic. A ******** “cinnabar red” carved lacquer box from the Qing dynasty. Source:

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By Robbie Mitchell

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