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Assassin’s Creed Red’s Live-Service Aspects Seemingly Confirmed in Latest Leak

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*********’s Creed Red’s Live-Service Aspects Seemingly Confirmed in Latest *****

Ubisoft is really trying to recover some of its fan base after the mild success of the previous titles in this franchise. *********’s Creed Red may finally be the game fans have been waiting for, as the studio has decided to return to the franchise’s roots. 

New leaks of the menu give some hope to players as to the potential that this title has in this massive universe. Ubisoft has reported launching the game this year. It will be set in Japan and have two protagonists, a ninja and a samurai, as fans were asking for years ago.

*********’s Creed IP really needs to go back to its roots.

After many ******* attempts that didn’t cut the attention of the whole fanbase that *********’s Creed has. Ubisoft is really trying to change things up with a new entry that, according to the studio, will be one of the best games in the franchise.

This game is *********’s Creed Red, and rumors say that it will come out sometime this year. New leaks have revealed some details about the possible gameplay that this game will have.

In a now-deleted tweet the X(formerly

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) GPT: Game Pass Tracker account has revealed new details about the game, as well as a screenshot of what the menu looks like. For reference, see the
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thread below:

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He mentioned that the game will have two protagonists: Naoe, a Ninja ********* who appears on this *****; the other main character, who this account says will be an ******** Samurai, has no name confirmed. This picture also confirms another very important feature.

*********’s Creed Red will be the next game of the Ubisoft franchise.

This account has also shared that apparently the game will run at 1080p 30 fps in the quality mode. Valhalla had a performance mode that ran at 60 fps, but this title was not launched for this generation of consoles.

The picture also shows a button that says “Select Season.” This could be proof that the game will have the same live-service features. Another interesting thing that you can see in this picture is the “Play Demo” button.

While some fans express joy over this *****, others find the concept of an ******** Samurai peculiar, particularly given the game’s historical setting in ancient Japan. Various players replied that the seasonal aspect of the game was not a very good omen. Rumors regarding *********’s Creed Red are saying that this title will be released this year, and Ubisoft will officially introduce it in June.

The studio behind this IP confirmed several projects in this franchise; one of these titles will be the online mobile game called *********’s Creed Codename *****. The game was delayed this year, saying that it has a long way to go until it is available for players. Ubisoft really wants this franchise to save the company from bad sales of current projects like Skulls and Bones and other failures.

What are your thoughts about these leaks? Let us know in the comments!

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