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[STEAM][PRESS]Landorus is the hero we need in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet VGC, according to pros


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V Forces of Nature, or “Legendary Genies,” have played important roles in Pokémon VGC over the years, and the Scarlet and Violet era is Landorus Incarnate’s time to shine, according to ***** Dot Esports asked about what makes Landorus’ Incarnate forme the best genie in the game now.

When we talk about Landorus in competitive play, the first thing you might think of is its Therian forme, which served as a popular Intimidate user and strong physical attacker as recently as
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. But as soon as we got to the current ruleset,
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, the Therian forme completely fell off and was replaced by the Incarnate forme. Despite being the same species, the two formes fill totally different roles. While Landorus Therian often cycles in and out of the field to weaken physical attackers with Intimidate, its Incarnate forme is way more offensive on the special side with good type coverage.

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