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Is there going to be a nuclear war?

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“Is there going to be a nuclear war?

Fans are looking forward to the Fallout game coming to life with Prime Video’s Fallout TV series. Similarly, the excitement of watching the game characters as real people is also high, particularly, with respect to The Ghoul.

Prime Video Fallout TV Series

Ghoul is one of the main characters in the Fallout TV series, after Lucy and Maximus. The series adaptation of the famous Bethesda game will be released on April 11, 2024. Ghoul is an antagonist in the show and will be played by Hollywood actor Walton Goggins.

Walton Goggins on playing Ghoul in Fallout

Walton Goggins is well-known for playing unusual characters and nailing them. His latest role as the noseless Ghoul adds another feather to his cap. Goggins plays the character of Cooper Howard, who is originally a Hollywood cowboy-for-hire. He is transformed into a centuries-old mutant known as The Ghoul by a nuclear apocalypse. The Ghoul is seemingly undying in Fallout.

Talking about playing the character Goggins says,

“I couldn’t say no to the opportunity of playing these two different people, who speak to each other across time.”

Ghoul in Fallout TV series

Playing the role of The Ghoul meant Goggins had to put on extensive makeup, with a deep red, pocked face and the signature lack of nose. He shares how it actually was a five-hour process, condensed down to just under two hours with the help of nine separate prosthetic pieces. Talking about the makeup, he said,

“Once I got it on, it was like getting into a Ferrari. You’re like, how fast can this go? What are the limitations of it? I can’t fit a lot of groceries in a f***ing Ferrari, you know.”

The Ghoul was previously a television actor before the Great War of 2077. Subsequently, he was transformed into a ghoul due to the radiation. By the year 2296, he worked as a bounty hunter.

Walton Goggins reminded of childhood terrors by his son

The setting of Fallout is gory, yet dark and funny. It has Goggins’s swaggering and violent bounty hunter character going up against the idealistic protagonist Lucy. The protagonist is from a cult-like society of underground “vault-dwellers.” She happens to be experiencing the realities of post-apocalyptic society for the first time. Talking about the setting, Goggins says,

“It’s sardonic, satirical, subversive and hyper-violent in a stylized way.”

Ghoul in Fallout 4

Meanwhile, in an

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, Goggins recalls an encounter he had with his son about six months ago. He recalls,

“My son came home from school with an extraordinary amount of anxiety and tears in his eyes, asking the very question that I asked my parents 40, 45 years ago,”

He further shared how his 13-year-old son came to him soberly, saying “Is there going to be a nuclear war? He recalls that it was a nightmare that had been permanently erased from the list of his childhood terrors. He says,

“I was born at a time where I did nuclear fallout drills in elementary and middle school. I never thought that would happen again.”

Apart from Goggins, the show also features Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Kyle MacLachlan, Sarita Choudary, Michael Emerson, and Moises Arias. The first three episodes out of eight of Fallout TV show have been directed by filmmaker Jonathan Nolan. Besides, he has also co-produced the series with his wife Lisa Joy under their banner Kilter Films.

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#nuclear #war

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