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Dinolords merges Vikings and Dinosaurs

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Dinolords merges Vikings and Dinosaurs

It may seem like nothing is original anymore. When watching the

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, I wasn’t holding out hope for many original and new ideas. Until Dinolords came around.

Sure, dinosaurs and Vikings aren’t exactly original concepts. But Vikings riding dinosaurs? What?

When I was a child, I had a pretty solid list of things that were “cool.” Dinosaurs and Vikings certainly made that list, and now I get to play with both in the same game as an ******. Very cool.

Image: Northplay

Outside of the ridiculous and hilarious concept of dinosaurs and Vikings, Dinolords looks like a pretty solid RTS game of developing a castle and community whilst under siege by the Danes (Vikings) in 11th-century England. Dinolords isn’t the first to make an RTS game set in medieval times, so I’m looking forward to how it’s mechanically different and exciting (if you ignore the dinosaurs, of course).


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shows one neat detail – you won’t simply be an unembodied controller of the masses – you’ll be controlling a Lord, and will be fighting against the Vikings yourself with your team. You’ll also be able to gather resources yourself and will have to walk around to where you want to construct something.

Image: Northplay

I can’t remember the last colony management game I played where I was also playing an actual character – not to mention the last colony management game that had dinosaurs being ridden by Vikings.

Needless to say, I’m super excited for this game, and can’t wait to see how they merge the worlds of medieval Europe and dinosaurs. From the trailer, we can see more than simply “Vikings being put on dinosaurs,” as what look to be Stegosauruses were being slowly ridden into battle with defenses and shields – almost being used like tanks.

It’s always cool when a game merges two previously polarized ideas, but when they try to marry those ideas together into something better than the sum of its parts, then it’s got my interest.

Dinolords wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye in the Triple-i Initiative, however. The PvP Arena for Palworld also made me raise my brows.

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