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Study finds link between anti-Black sentiment and broad support for political violence in the US

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Study finds link between anti-****** sentiment and broad support for political ********* in the US

Comparing expressions of threat. Credit: Perspectives on Politics (2024). DOI: 10.1017/S1537592724000045

Support for anti-****** ********* has a long historical arc in ********* politics dating back to slavery. A George Washington University research team led by Assistant Professor of Political Science Andrew Thompson conducted an experiment to try to tap into top-of-mind ideas about the changing demographics in the ******* States.

The team tested how Americans think of the changing country using multiple national surveys. The team randomly asked Americans what comes to mind when they think of U.S. ******* diversification. When investigating the responses, the team found that the ********* public by and large identified ****** Americans as a threat more than any other ******* group.

These views causally drive more support for ********* across the multiple studies conducted by the team. On the whole, the researchers found that anti-****** senses of threat are key drivers in support for ********* across Americans. The paper, “Anti-****** Political ********* and the Historical Legacy of the Great Replacement ***********,” was

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in Perspectives in Politics.

According to the authors, perceptions about ****** Americans’ growing political and economic power persist in spite of the fact that

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in the ******* States, nor have ****** Americans made sizable gains in their socioeconomic status. The perception of ****** threat is an important driver of democratic backsliding and political ********* that deserves additional attention.

“When ordinary Americans think about how the country is changing, regardless of the groups who are growing and changing, they think about and feel threatened by ****** Americans,” Thompson said. “These ideas make them expressively more supportive of *********.

“So, we need to give further attention and build more safeguards for ****** Americans when we think about who is in harm’s way as political rhetoric and content about the changing country is put forth. Events like the Buffalo ********* in 2022 are not flashes in the pan, but instead connect deeply to how many others are thinking.”

The study’s findings reveal a concerning pattern when discussing the overall diversification of white Americans, when presented with this topic, disproportionately associate it with ****** Americans and frequently express heightened anti-****** sentiment, surpassing their reactions to other non-white groups. Across all three studies, ****** Americans were referenced 51% of the time, while Latinx and Hispanic Americans were mentioned 33%, and ****** Americans 15%.

Moreover, ordinary citizens exhibit increased support for ********* when prompted to contemplate the country’s diversification, highlighting a troubling correlation between thoughts of demographic change and a rise in endorsement for political *********. These intertwined dynamics underscore the complex intersection of ******* perceptions and attitudes toward ********* in shaping public opinion.

More information:
Andrew Ifedapo Thompson et al, Anti-****** Political ********* and the Historical Legacy of the Great Replacement ***********, Perspectives on Politics (2024).

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Provided by
George Washington University

Study finds link between anti-****** sentiment and broad support for political ********* in the US (2024, April 10)
retrieved 10 April 2024

This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no
part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.

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