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EA Play Subscription Price Being Hiked By 80% in Some Regions

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EA Play Subscription Price Being Hiked By 80% in Some Regions

It was recently announced by Electronic Arts that the firm’s subscription service – EA Play – is getting a serious price hike. As of May 10, 2024, the price of an EA Play subscription will be increased by as much as 80%, with the annual cost of a standard subscription rising from £19.99 to £35.99 ($29.99 to $39.99). For those looking to secure an EA Play Pro subscription – the better tier of the service – there will be a new price tag of £109.99 (from £89.99) per year ($119.99 from $99.99).

It’s a staggering increase on paper, but what do you get for your money with an EA Play subscription?

If you opt for the standard tier, you’ll get a library of games, pre-release game trials, exclusive in-game rewards, and other offers, such as discounts. For those picking up an EA Play Pro subscription, everything in the standard tier is included, along with every new release from Electronic Arts and a better library of ‘back-catalogue’ titles.

For those who consider themselves fans of Need for Speed, Battlefield, FIFA, NHL, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or any number of EA-backed titles, it’s a fair deal – but it’s one of many subscription services on the market, and having them all in your pocket is becoming an expensive affair. Fortunately, services like Game Pass include a standard subscription to EA Play.

When you go on the

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, you’ll now notice the newer pricing structure and those with existing subscriptions will have their payments raised as of May 10, 2024.

For more Insider Gaming coverage, check out the news that a Palworld arena mode is coming

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