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How to get past the Taken Anomaly section of The Whisper Exotic quest

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How to get past the Taken Anomaly section of The Whisper Exotic quest

The Whisper Exotic Quest is full of brutal jumping sections and deceptive puzzles. The oppressive time limit makes the situation even worse, so let me show you how to get past the Taken Anomaly section of the Whisper Exotic Quest.

If you’ve been staring at the room in the picture above for a while, don’t worry; I did the same. This room is enormous, and there’s no obvious way out. Fortunately, the solution is far simpler than you think. 

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Stand in the doorway where you came in, and the exit is immediately beneath you through a small ***** in the wall (pictured above). 

It’s as easy as that, and the solution is hidden in plain sight the entire time.

At first, I thought this room was a trick to waste time on a mission with a strict time limit, but there’s a little more to it.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you jump down the Chasm in the middle, there’s a shadowed area where hordes of Thralls constantly spawn. There’s likely an Oracle Spawn down here, but I can’t say for sure as they are time-gated. 

On the topic of Oracles, there’s another that’s also time-gated, hidden by a complex jump puzzle.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can start the puzzle from here (pictured above) and slowly traverse the grassy ledges around the area. 

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The final ledge reveals a hidden room. I can’t say that this is an Oracle for sure, but as my reticule goes red and triggers my aim assist, It’s a fair bet that one will appear here in the following weeks. 

The Whisper is a fantastic Exotic Quest and probably my favorite one in Destiny 2. There’s a ****** boss at the end of the quest, but he’s much easier if you reach him with plenty of time to spare.

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