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His Majesty King Philippe: “Europe and the world are in dire need of hope” | News

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His Majesty King Philippe: “Europe and the world are in dire need of hope” | News

In his address to the ********* Parliament, King Philippe stressed that in recent years, Europe has been marked by crises, and that in “these times of war, uncertainty and societal unrest, Europe and the world are in dire need of hope”. Although the EU has been ******* in its support for Ukraine and in its ****** against COVID-19, he stressed the need for a less fragmented EU. He argued the EU should work together on new technologies such as artificial intelligence, semiconductors, and rare earth minerals, since it is lagging behind on invention and innovation. “The solution will involve advocating for open markets and ensuring a level playing field for our imports,” he said.

He also called for unity in the ****** against climate change, stating that more still has to be done for the EU to reach its 2030 and 2050 climate targets. “Climate policy also helps us achieve that other great ambition: the strategic independence of the EU,” he said, adding that renewable energy will make the EU less dependent on imported energy.

In his address King Philippe also referred to the importance of the ********* Pillar of Social Rights and of the EU’s social dimension with its “robust social justice mechanisms”. He underlined their importance in having “young people, the citizens of tomorrow, keep their ****** in Europe”, who are often critical towards the ********* way of life and political world.

He shared his concerns about the growing autocratic trend around the world and the loss of trust in political institutions. King Philippe advocated the need to “involve citizens more closely in democratic processes” to ensure that the “defence of democracy within the Union is alive and well”.

Watch the King’s speech on Parliament’s website.

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