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Where in the system is Archie? How to find Archie in Destiny 2 Into the Light

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Where in the system is Archie? How to find Archie in Destiny 2 Into the Light

Destiny 2’s massive free Into the Light update is here to tide players over until the release of The Final Shape in June, and the update brings back a fan-favorite canine companion as a part of a secret Triumph.

If you’re trying to earn every Into the Light Triumph in Destiny 2, then you’ve no doubt seen “Where in the System is Archie” on the secret Triumphs page. The only hint is to find Archie once anywhere, but that’s not much to go off of. If you manage to track down the robotic dog from Season of the Seraph, you’ll be rewarded with the Blue Steel shader and a Bungie Reward Code.

Archie can be found in six different Destiny 2 destinations, but to no one’s surprise, Archie’s quests are time-gated and will be released piece by piece as we get closer to The Final Shape expansion. Archie will show up on various planets and have a short questline associated with him each time, and Guardians will have to check out the following destinations to find him:

  • Neomuna
  • Cosmodrome
  • Dreaming City
  • EDZ
  • Tower
  • Moon

When Archie’s quests finally go live, the first one will be “Where in Neomuna is Archie?” To complete this quest, follow these steps.

  1. Visit Nimbus on Neomuna to ask about Archie’s whereabouts.
  2. Archie stopped by Nimbus’s post hoping to snag an action figure.
  3. Archie wanted to get caught up on everything we know about the Veil.
  4. Archie wanted to check out the views from where Guardians mastered Strand.
  5. Archie’s last stop. Archie wanted to try to win a prize for you.
  6. Return to Ada-1 in the Annex of the Tower.

Archie’s quest will send Guardians on an easter egg hunt throughout Neomuna and other destinations that requires them to revisit certain spots. For example, the quest step that says Archie wanted to try and win a prize for you probably requires you to run through the Thrilladrome arcade Lost Sector. The process will be the same on other destinations, just with other destination vendors like Shawn Han or Petra Venj.

When Archie’s quests go live, we’ll update this post with more detailed information about his locations and whereabouts. In the meantime, there’s a ton of content to enjoy in the free Into the Light update. Work with Shaxx to level up your reputation level and acquire reprised weapons like The Recluse, Edge Transit, and more.

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