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The Illuminate Went into Hiding after Nearly Losing a War With the Terminids, A Whole Bug Unit Went Extinct

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The Illuminate Went into Hiding after Nearly Losing a War With the Terminids, A Whole Bug Unit Went Extinct

What makes Sony’s Helldivers 2 a fun title to play is how the player gets to ****** against different factions in the name of spreading democracy throughout outer space. However, what makes it better it is not only the humans that these factions ****** against, and one recent theory goes over how two of the most major groups once went to war against each other.

The speculation states how the Illuminate, a faction present in the first game, once waged an intergalactic war against the Terminids led by the Hive Lords. It further speculates how the Illuminate managed to emerge victorious despite being outnumbered but had to go into hiding because of the damages, which explains their absence in the latest game.

The Illuminate were allegedly in war against the Terminids and emerged victorious

What gives credit to this particular theory is the presence of large fossils that can be found around the galaxy. These fossils are predicted to be of none other than the Hive Lords, who were once in a war with the Illuminates but were ultimately wiped out of existence after the other faction managed to somehow emerge victorious.

While they might have won the war, it allegedly still took a heavy toll on the resources of the Illuminates. This prompted them to go into hiding as they cannot ****** a war against the Automatons, the Super Earth, and the remaining Terminids simultaneously. They would be waiting for the perfect opportunity to resurface once again and claim what’s theirs.

Large fossils that can be found around in the galaxy

Fortunately, the recent success of Operation Swift Disassembly poses the opportunity the Illuminate might have been looking for to finally come back. The operation gave Super Earth the win they have been longing for, as one ****** faction has been completely eradicated and now might be the time someone comes along to replace them.

As mentioned before, the success of Operation Swift Disassembly brought with itself the eradication of Automatons, one of the major factions that Super Earth has been fighting against since the beginning. With players now looking forward to what comes next, it might just be the time for The Illuminate to come out of hiding and propose the next big challenge for Helldivers.

Super Earth got rid of Automatons with the success of Operation Swift Disassembly

What is further alarming is how players have reported hearing a

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on certain circumstances saying “Super Earth lied…they didn’t want you to know…the Illuminate…they’re coming.“. While the developer is yet to comment on the situation, this message should be taken as a warning for what might come next.

Helldivers 2 is available to purchase on Steam.

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