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The Dyson Supersonic Origin is the lowest price it’s been in a long time

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The Dyson Supersonic Origin is the lowest price it’s been in a long time

The best thing about new products, besides being at the front of the line buying your newest toy if you’re an early adopter, is the discounts provided to older models. Dyson recently announced the release of its latest Supersonic Nural hair dryer, and that means the older model, now called the Supersonic Origin, can be found at a hefty discount. So, if you, understandably, can’t rationalise spending AU$749 on a hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic Origin is currently seeing one of its biggest discounts in recent times, just eclipsed by its ****** Friday 2023 price, dropping down to just AU$385 on

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with the use of a checkout code. 

While the original Supersonic came out way back in August of 2016 (yep, that’s almost eight years ago), Dyson has made sure it keeps its most popular hair dryer up to date. That means you’re getting the good stuff without paying a premium for it. It might not have all the bells and whistles of the upcoming fancy, feature-filled Nural model, but what it did well back then, it still does well now.

At AU$164 less than RRP, it’s still expensive, but it’s quite the deal because the biggest gripe we had in our Dyson Supersonic review was its price. If you have the money set aside, we think you’ll love it. Heck, at this price, it would make an excellent Mother’s Day gift, which is sneaking up fast (on May 12 to be precise).

Dyson products may be worth their exorbitant price tag, but the fact is that they are just out of most people’s price range. The best overall hair dryer is currently sitting on

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for just over AU$250 and some great products in that list will get down to almost AU$100. The point is, there are excellent hair dryers at more affordable prices. 

However, your hair isn’t something to mess with and while that AU$30 hair dryer does the job, you should want to give it the best care you can. The fact is, premium appliances like those from Dyson come with certain assurances, like superior airflow, as well as warranties and superior customer service experiences that make it the better option when possible before you even look at the product itself.

When you get the chance to get a premium product like the powerful Supersonic Origin, which dries your hair without damaging it with excessive heat and features simple yet functional modes, at this price, it’s well worth thinking about.

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